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Thermoset Resins Wikipedia article on Thermosets

Including gel coats, curing agents, pigments, fillers and additives

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Fountain Integrated Systems, Inc. - Consultant to the aerospace industry helping small supplier companies grow. Business development ranges from proposal development to strategic planning.
J.V.Gauchel and Associates - Materials Optimization, Chemical and Physical Interaction of Composite Systems
Pilato Consulting - Phenolic Resin Technology - Resin Matrix Systems
Sprow Composites Consulting - Quality Molding, Resin, Design and Environmental Compliance
Terry S. McQuarrie - Pultrusion resin formulation, tooling design and processing parameters
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Link to ProLink Materials Web SiteProLink Materials - Advanced coating technology for composites, plastics and metals.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. - Resins and resin additives
AKPA Organic Peroxides & Initiators - Organic peroxides and initiators
Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals LLC - Organic peroxide curing agents
AOC - AOC is the world leader in innovative resin technology and a leading producer of unsaturated polyesters, vinyl ester resins and gel coats.
Arkema, Inc. - Additives and initiators for polyester
Ashland Performance Materials - Ashland Company is one of the world's largest producers of resins for reinforced plastics.
Atofina Chemicals, Inc. - The most complete line of organic peroxides in the industry.
Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc - A leader in innovative mold release agents, processing aid additives, cleaners and sealants for the rubber and plastics industries
Axson Technologies - Adhesives, casting resins, dielectrics, laminating products, machineable products, rapid prototyping and surface preperation
Beijing Evergrow Resources Co., Ltd. - Evergrow Resources is an advanced functional materials manufacturer. Products include UHMWPE, engineering plastics, activated carbon products, glass fiber, and other materials.
BOYTEK RECINE BOYA VE KIMYA SAN. TIC. A.S. - Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Vinyl Ester Resins, Gelcoats and Pigment Pastes Producer
BYK-Chemie USA - Wetting and Dispersing Additives, Air Release Additives, Styrene Emission Suppressants, Thixotropy Control and Surface Additives
Cam Elyaf Sanayii, AS - A manufacturer of glass fiber and polyester resins
Catalyst Systems - Benzoyl peroxides for use as a curing agent with additives for the elevated-temperature reinforced fiberglass molding industry. Several standard BPO granular and paste products varying by concentrations. Custom formulations to meet special needs.
CIMTECLAB s.p.a. - Cimteclab develops and produces bio-polymers and bio-composites from bio-renewable sources.
CNBM International Corporation - CNBM International Corporation is specialized in offering fiberglass raw materials, resin, binders for CSM. We also supply equipments and tools for FRP pipes, tanks, rods, etc.
Cook Composites and Polymers - CCP—Cook Composites and Polymers—is a world leader in the production and distribution of gel coats, composites polyester resins, coatings resins and emulsions.
Cray Valley - Cray Valley manufactures unsaturated polyester resins and gel coats
CRG Industries, LLC - Shape memory polymer resin systems, Shape memory composite cured sheets, cleaners and mold release
Dow Chemical Company - Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Resins
DSM Composite Resins - As the European market leader we provide innovative unsaturated polyester resins, high performance gelcoats and polymeric plasticizers to industrial customers
EFKA Additives bv - Resin additives - Air-Release Agents, Slip and Levelling Agents, High Molecular Weight (HMW) Dispersants, Wetting and Dispersing Agents
Engelhard Corporation - Pigments, performance minerals, decorative and functional coatings, conductive materials and special effect films
Epoxy Chemicals, Inc. - Curing agents used in the formulation of epoxy products.
Equistar Chemicals LP - Microthene® F Polyolefin Powder Products - Low Profile Additive for Thermosets/Composites
Hexcel - A unique product offering comprising an unrivaled range of carbon fibres, prepregs, adhesives, honeycombs, special process and sandwich panels, RTM systems, laminates, thermoplastics and polyurethane systems.
HK Research Corporation - Gel coats, liquid pigments, resin systems and urethanes.
Huachang Polymer Co., Ltd. of ECUST - Leading resin supplier to the world composites market
Huber Engineered Materials - A wide variety of products for the Fiber Reinforced Plastics Industry including Alumina Trihydrate (ATH), Kaolin Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Synthetic Silicas and Silicates and Humod surface modified ATH.
Interplastic Corporation - Manufacturer of polyester, vinyl ester, specialty resins, gel coats and colorants for the composites, cast polymer and solid-surface industries, under the CoREZYN and Silmar brand names.
ITW SprayCore - Manufacturer of innovative sprayable syntactic materials and sprayable surfacing materials that improve product quality while increasing manufacturing efficiencies and reducing emissions.
Magnolia Plastics, Inc. - Adhesives, Coatings, Encapsulating and Potting Compounds, Syntactics, Tooling Resins, General Purpose Epoxy Resins and Curing Agents
Mechemco Resins Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer Exporter of Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Vinyl Ester Resins and Gel Coats
Nanjing Yaocao Composite Co., LTD. - Products include pultrusion equipments, caterpillar equipments, pulwinding equipments and filament winding equipments; FRP pultrusion; ... etc. We have delivered the best quality and pricing to customers in Southeast Asia, Europe and USA.
Newport Adhesives and Composites, Inc. - Prepregs - Woven, Stitched and Knitted, Advanced Chemical Formulations, Reinforcements with Carbon Fibers, Aramids, Hybrids, E & S Fiberglass, Spectra and Quartz, Unidirectional Tapes, Towpreg, Film Adhesives, Syntactic Foams, Gel Coats, RTM/VARTM resin
PolyGroup Inc. - PolyGroup Inc. - Manufacturer and Marketer of Fine Thermoplastic Powders for FRP Low Profile Additive
PTM&W Industries, Inc. - Formulated Epoxy and Urethane Resin Systems for Tooling, Parts, Structural Adhesives, and Repair
R.J. Marshall Company - Spray Granite - non-porous sprayable granite effect, Spraylite filler systems, ATH - flame retardant additives
Reichhold - Reichhold is the leading global supplier of unsaturated polyester resins, supplying over one billion pounds of polyester resins and gel coats annually for a wide variety of markets, including marine, construction, transportation and automotive.
Resolution Performance Products - Epoxy resins
RS Technologies - VersionTM is a patented leading edge, polyurethane thermoset resin that is styrene free and designed for pultrusion, filament winding and reaction injection moulding.
SAFAS Corporation - The leader in decorative materials for the molded and cast polymer industries. GALAXY GRANULES™, GRANICOAT®, and GRANUPLAST™ have added new dimensions to numerous markets.
Scott Bader Company, Ltd. - Scott Bader Composites supplies high quality, technically superior polyester resins and gelcoats under the Crystic® brand name from manufacturing locations around the world.
SP Systems - Formulated resin systems, structural reinforcements, prepregs, cores and vacuum consumables
Syrgis Performance Initiators, Inc. - A leading producer of ketone and diacyl peroxides in North America and Europe.
United Initiators - A leading producer of Organic Peroxides worldwide. A comprehensive range of Catalysts and Initiators for Polymer manufacture and modification, Polyester resin curing.
Valspar Composites - Gel coats, resins, additives
Yash Enterprises - Mica powders for paint, SMC/ BMC
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On-line Tools for Resin Formulas

Tools from Composites Consultants

Resin Calculator - Calculate mixed resin density and cost

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On-line Information

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  • American Plastics Council - The American Plastics Council (APC) advocates unlimited opportunities for plastics and promotes their economic, environmental and societal benefits.
  • MatWeb - database of material properties includes thermoplastic and thermoset polymers
  • Macrogalleria - A cyberworld of polymer fun - to provide working knowledge of polymers and related concepts to students of all levels, from K-12 to graduate-level and the general public (University of Southern Mississippi)
  • Omnexus - Innovation & Solutions through Plastics and Elastomers

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