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Including molds, dies, mandrels, cores, fixtures, bladders, reusable vacuum bags and tooling materials

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Applications 3D - Reverse engineering, 3D Digitizing, Surface Modeling, Inspection, and Dies and Molds
Cabales Consulting - Providing expertise in tool design, fabrication, assembly, and validation of precision aerospace composite structures. Experience in civil applications, aircraft, recreational sports and spaceborne hardware.
Fourcad - Specialized in CAO/CAE/CAD, acting in the areas of engineering, projects and consulting; meeting the requirements of the market in the areas of aeronautics and automotive.
Triple C B.V. - Triple C B.V. or China Composite Cooperation, a company in China with roots in The Netherlands. We are able to help West European companies to get to China and assist the Chinese Composite Industry to achieve excellent product quality and consistency.
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Tooling Suppliers

Apex Machine Tool Company - Apex Machine Tool Company designs and builds complex tools, fixtures, gages, as well as RTM, compression and autoclave composite molds.
Assembly Guidance - The world leader in laser projection of dimensional patterns for manual processes
Bondline Products - Reusable vacuum bagging systems, vaccum connectors, design and fabrication and technology transfer
Burnham Composites, Inc. - Fiber-Lok™ Tooling Reinforcements, Layup and bond tools, Eggcrate assemblies
Cadnum - Design and production of tooling, moulds, models, control and assembly resources, specific tools.
CNC Pattern Technologies - Pattern making services, patterns, molds and plugs, RTM and RTM-lite tooling, Reverse Engineering and CMM capabilities
Coast Composites, Inc. - Composite Tooling
Composite Integration, Ltd. - RTM and vacuum molding equipment, supplies, tooling and training
Crown Mold and Machine - Design, manufacture, repair, and revision of precision injection molds, compression molds, and pultrusion dies for the plastics industry.
CTS Composites, Inc. - State of the art, computerized pattern making services available to casting and composite fabrication industries for the supply of patterns, molds and plugs.
Dangar Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. - Specializing in the CNC Machining of Large Precision Parts, Tooling, Prototypes and Production Parts
Danner Corporation - Experts in Reusable Vacuum Bagging Systems, Tooling, CNC Programming
Dura-wound, Inc. - Filament Winding Equipment, Mandrels & Accessories
Flexicat Tools -
Janicki Industries - Large 5-Axis milled patterns, molds, plugs, and tooling for aerospace, marine, and transportation applications
Leading Edge Composites - TOP QUALITY - Composite Tooling - Prototype and Product Development - Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Energy - ISO9001, AS9100 - Certified FAA Repair Station
Lodio Enterprise Co., Ltd. - SMC / BMC Molds and tooling
Lynco Grinding Company - Precision ground mandrels for the composite industry
M. Torres Group - Tape and fiber placement machinery, Machine tools, Tooling
Machine Dynamics, Inc. - CNC and manual turning, Milling and other machining and fabrication capabilities
MDC Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd. - SMC/BMC/GMT mould manufacture. Experience in making press moulds with 300 T and 2500 T press machine
North Coast Tool & Mold - Designers and builders of quality metal molds for the high performance composite industry
Shoreteam - Shoreteam provides a wide range of services, from development and making of composite materials to the launch of production like sailing and motor boats.
Stadco - Tooling for composite manufacturing - Invar, Steel & Aluminum tools - Medium to large sizes
Surface Generation, Ltd. - Tooling
tfc tools for composite, GmbH - We are focussed on the production of moulds and tools for large components made from long-fibre-reinforced material. Our main field of activities is wind energy and there in particular the manufacturing of rotor blades.
Total Industries International - Molds for RIM, RTM, Compression molding
Waukesha Foundry, Inc . - Cast Invar Tooling
Weber Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. - Precision tooling and CNC maching for the composite industry - steel, invar, nickel
Yanara Technologies - Engineering and High performance Composite components manufacturing
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Tooling Material Suppliers

Advanced Ceramics Research - State-of-the-art high temperature, high strength ceramic materials and processes. AquacoreTM water-soluble core material for composite manufacturing is easily machined and thermally stable to 380°F.
Airtech International, Inc. - The world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials
Amber Composites, Ltd. - A leading manufacturer of Carbon and Glass Epoxy Prepregsystems for Composite Tooling and Component applications, the widest range of Polyurethane and Epoxy patternmaking, modelmaking and prototyping materials & Industrial Adhesives.
Burnham Composites, Inc. - Fiber-Lok™ Tooling Reinforcements, Layup and bond tools, Eggcrate assemblies
Coastal Enterprises - Manufacturer of Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane (HDU) machinable substrate for tooling and composite structures. Wide range of densities and custom tooling blocks cut and bonded to rough shape.
De-Comp Composites, Inc. - Vacuum bag films, release films, liquids, and fabrics, adhesive and sealant tapes, autoclave valves and hoses, castable urethane elastomer, tooling resins, and tool support structures
Freeman Mfg. & Supply Co. - The industry-leading supplier to anyone making parts, patterns, tools, or molds
General Plastics Manufacturing Company - Pioneers in the formulation of high-performance LAST-A-FOAM® cellular solid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam products.
Hawkeye Industries, Inc. - Duratec polyester and vinyl products for pattern and mold repairing and surfacing; in-mold primers for composite part manufacturing; high-gloss coatings for interior finishing; and a vinyl ester system for boat hull repair.
PTM&W Industries, Inc. - Formulated Epoxy and Urethane Resin Systems for Tooling, Parts, Structural Adhesives, and Repair
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