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 PPG Fiber Glass - A world leader in manufacturing continuous strand fiber glass used in a wide range of plastics applications
 The Laminator - The Laminator is an engineering program written for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP that analyzes laminated composite plates according to classical laminated plate theory.
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 Britt Engineering, Inc. - Composite engineering and testing. Inspection services.
 I-Core Composites - I-Core Composites is a US owned and operated producer of composite core products. We produce balsa and foam cores for use in a wide variety of composite applications. I-Core products are distributed throughout North America and globally.
 Toray Carbon Fiber America - TORAYCA® carbon fiber using the PAN (polyacrylonitrile) process.
 V2 Composite, Inc. - V2 manufactures superior composite reinforcement fabrics that consist of fibers that are mechanically placed and computer controlled to facilitate a precise uniform angle - carbon, aramid, glass non-crimp multiaxial fabrics
 Vectorply Corporation - Fabrics, mats, stitched, non-crimp
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 FEMech Engineering - FRP Vessel Design, Finite Element Analysis, Stress Analysis and Review of Calculations, Large diameter winding machines
 Syrgis Performance Initiators, Inc. - A leading producer of ketone and diacyl peroxides in North America and Europe.
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 Advanced Ceramics Research - State-of-the-art high temperature, high strength ceramic materials and processes. AquacoreTM water-soluble core material for composite manufacturing is easily machined and thermally stable to 380°F.
 Advatech Pacific - Technology Development and Engineering Services firm creating advanced multi-disciplinary design environments & providing engineering design, analysis and manufacturing support services for our clients
 Bondline Products - Reusable vacuum bagging systems, vaccum connectors, design and fabrication and technology transfer
 Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. - Prepregs, film adhesives, carbon fiber and other products
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 3dyn, LLC - Composite and automotive design
 A-Scan Laboratories, Inc. - Full Service Laboratory: A-Scan Laboratories provides the full spectrum of non-destructive testing services
 Accudyne Engineering and Equipment Company - State of the art hydraulic press design, engineering, and manufacture. We are proud to offer the finest in press technology -- high quality, rugged construction, advanced user-friendly controls, simplicity and ease of operation.
 Advanced Composite Traders - Carbon, Aramid and Fiberglass Fabrics
 Aerospace Composite Products - A large variety of composite materials specifically developed for lightweight applications. Fiberglass, Kevlar® and Carbon materials are available in various forms, in large or small quantities, with no minimum purchase required.
 Airtech International, Inc. - The world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials
 Alpha STAR Corporation - AlphaSTAR Corporation is focused on the development of specialized software solutions for key technologies including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM), Computational Electromagnetic (CEM) and Manufacturing
 Automation Dynamics, Inc. - Filament winding machines, prepreg tape machines
 Autometrix Precision Cutting Systems, Inc. - Autometrix, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of cutting equipment and CAD software for the composites industry. Products are built and shipped from the company’s headquarters in California to customers around the world.
 Cabales Consulting - Providing expertise in tool design, fabrication, assembly, and validation of precision aerospace composite structures. Experience in civil applications, aircraft, recreational sports and spaceborne hardware.
 Carbro Corporation - Composite Cutting Tools- Carbide
 Century Design, Inc. - Equipment for table rolling, tape wrapping, finishing, prepregging and other processes
 CGTech - VERICUT Composite Programming (VCP) - Machine-independent off-line programming & simulation software for automated composite tape & fiber-placement CNC machines
 Coast Composites, Inc. - Composite Tooling
 Coastal Enterprises - Manufacturer of Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane (HDU) machinable substrate for tooling and composite structures. Wide range of densities and custom tooling blocks cut and bonded to rough shape.
 Comp Tech - Consulting in pultrusion - specialist in thin wall pultrusion.
 Composite Systems, Inc. - Complete line of modular “balanced” gantry robots, robot tracks and multi-axis positioners and modular and flexible "PFE" (TM) endeffectors for robots that provide for the automated layup of composite fabrics and prepreg materials.
 Composites & Adhesives Newsletter - Solve problems related to adhesive bonding. Expert witness/consultant for nonmetallic materials. Organize seminars/conferences. Write articles related to composites and adhesives.
 Dangar Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. - Specializing in the CNC Machining of Large Precision Parts, Tooling, Prototypes and Production Parts
 Daniels Fibers, Inc. - Buyer and seller of surplus Carbon, Fiberglass, Aramids, Prepregs, Core, Fabrics, Unis, Fibers, Knits, Stitchbonded & Nonwovens
 Delsen Testing Laboratories - An independent laboratory engaged in the mechanical, electrical, and flammability testing of engineering composites
 Ebert Composites Corporation - Ebert Composites is a research and development company specializing in the pultrusion of 3-dimensional fibers.
 Exponent, Inc. - Expertise in the areas of structural and mechanical engineering for aircraft and spacecraft, with particular expertise in composite structures. Dr. Rakow’s research addresses the failure analysis and mechanics of composite structures.
 Fiberglass Warehouse - Material and equipment supplier to the fiberglass and composite industries.
 Finn & Fram, Inc. - Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) and FRP Panel lines, roving cutting equipment
 Fountain Integrated Systems, Inc. - Consultant to the aerospace industry helping small supplier companies grow. Business development ranges from proposal development to strategic planning.
 General Sealants, Inc. - General Sealants™ delivers a wide range of sealant tapes and specialized adhesives, along with the largest line of extruded sealants available
 Grafil, Inc. - Carbon fiber
 Grandia NDT, Inc. - Nondestructive Testing Services - Ultrasonic and Eddy-current
 GS Manufacturing - Since 1971, GS Manufacturing has been producing the world's best dispensing systems. From Chopper Guns for FRP - Fiberglass Reinforcement Plastics to RTM - Resin Transfer Molding Systems... we build them all.
 Hansho Composites Corporation - We provide world-class solutions for high performance structures made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid and engineered thermoplastics.
 Hawkeye Industries, Inc. - Duratec polyester and vinyl products for pattern and mold repairing and surfacing; in-mold primers for composite part manufacturing; high-gloss coatings for interior finishing; and a vinyl ester system for boat hull repair.
 Hoosier Inc. - State-of-the-art advanced plastics and metal machining and fabrication
 Infinite Technologies, Inc. - RCS - ITI-RCS conducts business globally with an emphasis on engineering and analysis services. We provide innovative composite structures with a focus on quality, cost effective radomes for terrestrial and maritime applications.
 Interleaf Composites Engineering, LLC - ICE is a professional consultancy for advanced materials technologies, product design and development, and technology development. Expertise in advanced materials, program management, technology development, intellectual property, and commercialization.
 Lynco Grinding Company - Precision ground mandrels for the composite industry
 M. C. Gill Corporation - Honeycomb panels, ballistic laminates and sandwich panels
 Miyachi Unitek Corporation - Leading Supplier of Equipment and Systems for Resistance Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Marking, Heat Seal Bonding, and Hermetic Sealing to the Global Electronics, Automotive, Medical Device, and General Industrial Markets.
 Motorsports Composites Training, Inc. - Motorsports Composites Training, Inc. recognizes the need for qualified composites technicians. Aimed at motorsports repair applications; we also offer manufacturing courses for people that are ready to use carbon fiber, fiber glass and Kevlar.
 National Aerospace Supply Company - Vacuum Bagging, Sealant Tapes, Release Films, Breather Bleeders, Peel Plies, Autoclave Hoses & autoclave support materials
 NEi Software - NEi Software is a world leader in CAE innovation supplying Nastran Finite Element Analysis (FEA), engineering simulation, and virtual testing software solutions.
 Newport Adhesives and Composites, Inc. - Prepregs - Woven, Stitched and Knitted, Advanced Chemical Formulations, Reinforcements with Carbon Fibers, Aramids, Hybrids, E & S Fiberglass, Spectra and Quartz, Unidirectional Tapes, Towpreg, Film Adhesives, Syntactic Foams, Gel Coats, RTM/VARTM resin
 Nexaero - A comprehensive resource for the technical execution of key industry processes (RTM,VARTM,SQRTM,Prepreg) and the subsequent Program and Business Management of the Operations. Supporting expertise include Business & Organizational Development.
 OCM Test Laboratories, Inc. - Offers comprehensive capabilities in the testing of composites, adhesives, thermoplastics, elastomers, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and ceramics
 Performance Materials Corporation - Thermoplastic fiber reinforced pellets, tape, woven tapes and sheet materials.
 Pro-Environmental, Inc. - Leading provider of Air Pollution Control equipment supplying cutting-edge technologies and services.
 Procut Converting - Custom converting service, Slitting, Sheeting, Die Cutting, Pattern Cutting, Epoxy Edge Seal, Kitting and Marking. Fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon Fabrics, Prepregs, Films, Adhesives and many other Industrial Fabrics
Link to ProLink Materials Web SiteProLink Materials - Advanced coating technology for composites, plastics and metals.
 PTM&W Industries, Inc. - Formulated Epoxy and Urethane Resin Systems for Tooling, Parts, Structural Adhesives, and Repair
 QNDT Services LLC - Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment, Training, and Consulting Services
 Quality Material Inspection, Inc. - We provide industrial Non Destructive Testing of Materials, fabrication of equipment and products for ultrasonic and eddy current testing techniques.
 Quatro Composites Div of Tec Industries, LLC - Engineering, manufacturing, distribution – Specializing in Autoclave, Ultraclave™, Compression Molding, Bladder Molding, Vacuum Bagging, CNC Mold Fabrication
 Richmond Aircraft Products - Supplier of VAC-PAK® vacuum processing materials, Release Films and Fabrics, Breathers / Bleeders, Peel Plies & Accesories for the Aerospace & Composite Industries.
Link to Spencer Composites Corportation Web SiteSpencer Composites Corportation - Filament winding, pultrusion, RTM, composite design and development
 Stadco - Tooling for composite manufacturing - Invar, Steel & Aluminum tools - Medium to large sizes
 Structural Research & Analysis Corp. - Whatever your industry, experience level, or analysis application, the COSMOS™ suite of analysis products from SRAC has a solution to fit your needs. FEA Software.
 Sutherland & Associates Of Los Angeles - Single & multi-component dispensing equip., RTM, automated, meter mix;
 Taricco Corporation - New and Used Autoclaves, Ovens, & Presses
 The Composites Store - Stocking a full inventory of light weight composite materials available in small quantities for model builders, prototypes, university projects, movie special effects and fiberglass sculptures
 Thermal Equipment Corporation - Manufacturer of custom engineered TEC autoclaves, hydroclaves, ovens, hydraulic presses, Baron-Blakeslee (BBI) vapor degreasing equipment, ACCS control software and Baron autoclaves.
Link to Tier 1 Engineering Web SiteTier 1 Engineering - Specialists in the design, fabrication and testing of lightweight composite structures
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 Cogent Regulatory Science, Inc. - Environmental consulting and publishing - Our mission is to provide tools that help clients understand environmental regulations, identify required compliance actions, and implement successful compliance programs.
 Composite Technology Development, Inc. - High-technology company developing innovative materials and specialized composite components for aerospace, Government, and commercial applications.
 Compossibility, LLC - Compossibility, LLC specializes in design and analysis of composite pressure vessel, storage tank and cryogenic tanks
 Fiberforge, Inc. - High volume, low cost production of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic structural parts using the patented Fiberforge™ process. Part design and development, prototype fabrication, tailored blank fabrication and thermoforming.
Link to Peak Composites, Inc. Web SitePeak Composites, Inc. - Peak Composites offers composite design and analysis services, including finite element analysis of your structures.
 Polystrand - ThermoPro™and ThermoBallistic™ materials combine continuous E-Glass or S-Glass reinforcing fibers in either a polyethylene or polypropylene proprietary thermoplastic polymer to form ribbons or tapes. Also X-Ply™ 0/90 Laminates
 Signature Control Engineering, LLC - SmartTrac® Intelligent Process Control for Compression Molding and Other Thermoset Composite Applications
 York & Associates - Environmental Health and Safety consulting firm providing health, safety, air, water and waste Inspections, OSHA, MSHA, EPA, DOT, FMCSR, FCC, FAA, FEMA, BLM, NIOSH, CDC, NFPA, NEC regulatory compliance support and intervention.
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 APCM - Termoset epoxy prepregs
 Apex Machine Tool Company - Apex Machine Tool Company designs and builds complex tools, fixtures, gages, as well as RTM, compression and autoclave composite molds.
 BYK-Chemie USA - Wetting and Dispersing Additives, Air Release Additives, Styrene Emission Suppressants, Thixotropy Control and Surface Additives
 Gerber Technology - Equipment to cut pre-preg or dry materials - carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid or more exotic materials. Quick, simple and efficient computerized systems have made it possible to lay-up composites directly from the cutting table.
 Hexcel - A unique product offering comprising an unrivaled range of carbon fibres, prepregs, adhesives, honeycombs, special process and sandwich panels, RTM systems, laminates, thermoplastics and polyurethane systems.
 Industrial Technigraphics Company - Aerospace Structures & Tool Design, Architectural Metals-Machine Design, Industrial Design, Patent Development, E/M Packaging, Automotive and Marine CAD Assistance, Shop Drawings.
 Park Advanced Composite Materials, Inc. - Nelcote™ advanced composite materials for the aerospace, commercial and industrial markets.
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 Accudyne Systems, Inc. - Factory Automation, Composites Processing, Web Processing, Laboratory Equipment, Systems Integration & Supercritical CO2
 ACE Consulting - Experienced Composite Design and Processing Consultant
 Engineering Consultant, LLC - Composites Engineering Consultant, Expert Witness
 Intech Services, Inc. - Intech Services is the sole distributor of DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings in the U.S. and Canada and sells everything needed to run a coating shop.
 MZH Engineering - Computational mechanics, experimental and computational impact dynamics, penetration mechanics, energy absorbing damage mechanisms of composites and sandwich, dynamic behavior of materials, Hopkinson bar experimental techniques
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 Advanced Composite Solutions - Advanced Composite Solutions is a state-of-the-art composites design, rapid prototyping and production company.
 Bodi Company, Inc. - Fiberglass Laminating rollers, Gelcoat Spray Guns, MEK Dispensers, Wedges, Squeegees, Surfasolve Acetone Replacement, Plastic Spreaders, Chip Brushes, Fiber Scales, MIL Gauges, Laminate Gauges, Roller Cleaner, cutting tools
 Compsys, Inc. - Manufacturer of PRISMA® preforms - constant cross-section frames and beams that feature a dry fiber-reinforced outer surface with a two-part, self-rising urethane foam core.
 EPAC Digital Cutting, Inc. - Contract Cutting
 ES Manufacturing, Inc. - Fiberglass Laminating rollers, Hand Held Roving Choppers, Gelcoat Spray Guns, External Catalyst Mix Gelcoat Spray Gun, MEK Dispensers, Wedges, Rubber Squeegees, Plastic Spreaders, Chip Brushes, Fiber Scales, MIL Gauges, Laminate Gauges, Roller Cleaner,
 GRPguru - Technical consultants for the fiberglass industry - Vacuum molding, closed molding
 Intertape Polymer Group (Anchor Marine Products) - Anchor Marine Products...developed to improve the entire boat building process. Clever design, innovative thinking and attention to detail combine to provide world class performance.
 ITW SprayCore - Manufacturer of innovative sprayable syntactic materials and sprayable surfacing materials that improve product quality while increasing manufacturing efficiencies and reducing emissions.
 Magnum Venus Plastech - The World Leader in Innovative FRP Solutions
 Nida-Core Corporation - Quality supplier of structural composites sandwich core materials, including: Thermoplastic honeycomb, end-grain balsa, polyurethane foam, laminate bulker and print barrier, sound absorption foam cored sandwich panels.
 Schofield Composite Technologies - Consulting and engineering services for the composites manufacturing industry and the Department of Defense.
 Seagull/Seawolf Industries - Consultation, Product Design, Research, Prototyping, and Advanced Production Equipment for the Composites, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP), and Thermoforming Industries
 Solvent Recovery Systems, Inc. - Solvent recovery systems
 Sprow Composites Consulting - Quality Molding, Resin, Design and Environmental Compliance
 Structural Composites, Inc. - Structural Composites provides engineering, scientific, testing and research & development support to government and industry. Composite prototypes and process development are also key services.
 Zyvax, Inc. - As the leader in non-VOC, semi-permanent release coatings, Zyvax provides a variety of products used in almost every industry
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 DeLong and Associates, LLC - Business development consultant to the composites industry.
 Gantz Environmental - Gantz Environmental - ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
 Huber Engineered Materials - A wide variety of products for the Fiber Reinforced Plastics Industry including Alumina Trihydrate (ATH), Kaolin Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Synthetic Silicas and Silicates and Humod surface modified ATH.
 Lectra North America - Vector line of cutting solutions has the flexibility to cut single-ply or multi-ply up to 2.75 inches of compressed fabric while maintaining both quality and reliability.
 Magnolia Plastics, Inc. - Adhesives, Coatings, Encapsulating and Potting Compounds, Syntactics, Tooling Resins, General Purpose Epoxy Resins and Curing Agents
 Rexco - REXCO Mold Care Products has been a trusted partner to the composites industry for over fifty years, manufacturing simple, effective and economical mold release agents and mold care products - PARTALL®, MARBALEASE®, and FORMULA FIVE®
 Stratton Composite Solutions - A full range of composite consulting, from engineering to business development, including prototype manufacturing.
 Waterworks - A non-hazardous mold release system designed specifically for the aerospace industry, Waterworks combines the latest release technology with the convenience of an environmentally safe product.
 Zip-Vac East - Reusable Vacuum Bagging Systems, Hardware, and accessories for Manufacturing Composite Parts.
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 Carbcom, Inc. - Carbon, Glass & Kevlar fabrics - Online shopping
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 Machine Dynamics, Inc. - CNC and manual turning, Milling and other machining and fabrication capabilities
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 Aaron Equipment Company - Aaron will Buy, Sell and Trade! Aaron Equipment Company has been buying and selling New, Used, Unused and Reconditioned Process Equipment worldwide for more than 67 years.
 Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals LLC - Organic peroxide curing agents
 Bulk Molding Compounds, Inc. - Thermoset bulk molding compound (BMC) is a fiberglass reinforced polyester and/or vinyl ester molding compound that undergoes irreversible crosslinking during the molding process, converting it to an infusible, solid state.
 Composites One - The premier North American distributor of fiberglass and advanced composite materials
 Crane Composites, Inc. - Continuous reinforced thermoplastic sheets and coils - Zenicon
 Epoxy Chemicals, Inc. - Curing agents used in the formulation of epoxy products.
 Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc. - Ingersoll's Automated Fiber Placement Machine fabricates complex, contoured shapes over large curvilinear surfaces using epoxy impregnated composite fiber material.
 ITW Industrial Finishing - Chopper and spray guns for all of your needs - Binks and DeVilbiss brands.
 Kawin Composites, Inc. - Kawin Composites is a project management and technology transfer company in the field of composites and other manufacturing technologies. Kawin Composites has over 15 years experience in compression molding technologies.
 Onsrud Cutter - Complete line of cutters for difficult to cut composite materials
 Pacific Press Technologies - Advanced composite molding systems and hydraulic presses
 Precision Quincy - Industrial ovens
 ROK Thermoset Plastic Consulting Co. - ROK - Enabling Clients to Increase Profits - Thermoset Expertise in Processing and Part Defect Analysis
 Tricel Honeycomb Corporation - TRICEL Honeycomb is a kraft paper product fabricated to form a continuous series of triangular cells, similar in appearance to the cross section view of corrugated board.
 Williams, White & Company - North America's premier supplier of hydraulic press technology.
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 Applied Vehicle Technology - Advanced composite materials for composite fabrication and other similar projects
 Elliott Company - Elfoam products are rigid, closed cell polyisocyanurate foams that are chemically similar to but higher performing than polyurethane foams. Elfoam is widely used in composite sandwich construction.
 IDI Composites International - Global formulator and manufacturer of thermoset molding compounds for custom molders and OEMs. The company provides customized polyester/vinylester-based bulk molding compounds (BMC) and sheet molding compounds (SMC).
 Shar Systems, Inc. - Designers and Manufactures of turnkey SMC Mixing Systems. This includes all necessary equipment from raw material storage to the inline mixer supplying the SMC Doctor Box. Batch mixing systems.
 Total Industries International - Molds for RIM, RTM, Compression molding
 Valspar Composites - Gel coats, resins, additives
 Wabash MPI - Manufacturer of many types of machines and hydraulic presses for rubber and plastics production as well as research. Vertical elastomer and vacuum molding machines for compression and transfer molding and laminating, die cutting and trimming.
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 Burnham Composites, Inc. - Fiber-Lok™ Tooling Reinforcements, Layup and bond tools, Eggcrate assemblies
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 Bondtech Corporation - Full service company designing, engineering and manufacturing autoclave systems, with material handling, for technical industries
 MAG Cincinnati - Fiber Placement and Automated Tape Laying
 Special Projects International -
 Thermex Thermatron, LP - Industrial RF systems, Industrial Microwave systems and RF Heat Sealing Equipment.
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 Composites Sources - We fill jobs/place candidates in the following composites areas: Manufacturing, Management, Sales/Marketing, and R&D for companies that make composite parts and composite materials
 Frees, Inc. - Proven success in the design, construction, installation and balancing of energy efficient air quality management systems including dust control and fiberglass ventilation for industrial application.
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 Assembly Guidance - The world leader in laser projection of dimensional patterns for manual processes
 Brandywine Materials, LLC - Adhesive and Sealant Mixing and Dispensing Equipment from Brandywine Materials, LLC
 CAD Cut - Cutting and kitting services to the composites industry. We supply composite manufacturers with high quality cut parts, kitted and packaged to their requirements.
 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute, Inc. - FRPI is a non-profit corporation serving the corrosion industry (i.e. tanks, vessels, piping, ventilation, air pollution control) providing manufacturer and product certification, education, membership and other related services.
 Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd. - A full-service design, prototyping and manufacturing company developing advanced, yet cost-effective, composite materials. Design, mold fabrication, prototyping, production and project management services. Polyurethane based composites.
 Hollingsworth & Vose Co, Advanced Fiber Nonwovens - Advanced Fiber Nonwovens (AFN®) manufactures high quality SURFACING VEILS and mats from CARBON, E-CR and C GLASS fibers, as well as aramid, conductive and blended fibers.
 ITW Plexus - Plexus methacrylate adhesives for structural bonding of nearly all thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials.
 Matec Instruments - Matec Instruments offers a line of sophisticated yet easy to use immersion and squirter based scanning systems. Fully automated scan systems are manufactured in a variety of sizes to accommodate a host of inspection requirements.
 Phoenixx TPC Inc. - Manufacturer of thermoplastic composite prepreg tapes using a variety of resins, including PPS, PEEK, PEI, PA, PE, PP, etc. reinforced with carbon/graphite, glass or aramid fibers. Prepregs up to 12
 Plastics Technology Laboratories Inc. - An independent materials testing laboratory dedicated to testing plastics, elastomers and composites. With an exclusive focus on polymeric materials, PTLI has developed extensive experience in all areas of plastics testing.
 Specialty Materials, Inc. - Manufacturer of Boron and SCS Silicon Carbide fibers made via chemical vapor deposition. Manufacturer of Born fiber / Epoxy prepregs
 Vistagy, Inc. - FiberSIM® is a suite of software tools integrated into popular CAD systems that reduces the cost and time required to design and manufacture composite parts
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 Composites USA - Composites USA, Inc. manufactures FRP/ GRP fiberglass reinforced plastic, fiberglass dual laminate, thermoplastic, stainless steel and thermoplastic lined stainless corrosion resistant equipment
 Industrial Machine Tool - Used machinery dealer that has been in business for almost 30 years. We specialize in high speed machinery for the aerospace and composites industries.
 RadTech International - The association for the advancement of ultraviolet and electron beam (UV & EB) technology.
 WichiTech Industries, Inc. - Simple, safe, reliable and value packed composite repair and test systems. HB-1 and HB-2 hot-bond composite repair systems, the RD3 Digital Electronic Tap Hammer, the Weld-X spot welder, oven controllers, heater blankets and accessories.
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 Allied Composite Technologies, LLC - Allied Composite Technologies LLC (ACT) utilizes novel composite materials and processes to produce innovative products that meet identified customer needs.
 Applications 3D - Reverse engineering, 3D Digitizing, Surface Modeling, Inspection, and Dies and Molds
 Azdel, Inc. - AZDEL specializes in the manufacture of Thermoplastic Composite materials: AZDEL SuperLite® - A thermoformable composite of polypropylene and long chopped fiber, AZDEL Laminate® GMT - Glass Mat Thermoplastic - composite of glass fiber and thermoplastic
 Bicerano & Associates, LLC - Polymer and Composite Consulting, Contract Research, Modeling, Software, and Laboratory Services
 Deltamatic - Deltamatic supplies compression molding and thermoforming equipment, waterjet cutting systems
 Detroit Process Machinery - Used equipment for materials processing
 Devi Consultancy Services - Expertise in SMC / BMC molding
 Disher Design & Development - Design, Development and consulting for composite structures and materials.
 Dow Chemical Company - Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Resins
 Huron Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturers of Mold Release Agents, Water Base, High Solids, Internals, Semi-Permanents For Molded Polyurethane, Rubber & Composites.
 InDepth Engineering Solutions, LLC - Experts in design and analysis of composite structures for industries like automotive, aerospace, entertainment.
 JHM Technologies, Inc. - Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), RTM Light, LRTM. VARTM, Vacuum Molding, Vacuum Infusion and our unique technologies Multiple Insert Tooling (MIT) and Zero Injection Pressure (ZIP RTM).
 Paramount Industries - Paramount Industries specializes in new and used metal working machinery.
 Plascore Incorporated - A leading manufacturer of honeycomb cores and lightweight composite solutions. Plascore products include metallic, aramid fiber and thermoplastic honeycomb cores/sheets, clean room environments, custom composite panels and energy absorbers.
 Quadrant Plastic Composites, Inc. - GMT: high-strength, glass mat-reinforced, compression-moldable thermoplastics, GMTexTM: thermoplastic composites with endless reinforcement for extreme loading, SymaLITE: extremely light-weight, glass fibre-reinforced, compression-moldable thermoplastics
 Quantum Composites, Inc. - Develops and manufactures Engineered Structural Composite (ESC) thermoset molding compounds and high performance conductive molding compounds.
 R.J. Marshall Company - Spray Granite - non-porous sprayable granite effect, Spraylite filler systems, ATH - flame retardant additives
 Robotic Production Technology - Robotic systems for Knife Trimming, Material Dispensing, Laser Cutting and Scoring, Water Jet Cutting, Router Trimming, Material Removal, Material Handling and Material Joining
 Stiles Machinery, Inc. - CNC routers, Waterjet Cutters
 Tech Machinery, Inc. - We specialize in high quality, late model industrial machinery designed for production plants. Used hydraulic or mechanical punch presses, CNC machining centers, milling machines, plastic moulding systems.
 Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc. - Pulse Thermography NDT equipment sales, service, training, consultant and lab.
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 Despatch Industries - Industrial Ovens, Furnaces & Environmental Test Chambers
 Express Composites, Inc. - Resins, fiberglass, and support accessories
 Graco, Inc. - Meter, mix, and dispense equipment for reactive resin systems. Glascraft Chopper spray guns. Pumps.
 Griffin & Associates - Excellence in composites recruiting & placement globally since 1983.
 Interplastic Corporation - Manufacturer of polyester, vinyl ester, specialty resins, gel coats and colorants for the composites, cast polymer and solid-surface industries, under the CoREZYN and Silmar brand names.
 Jet Edge - Jet Edge Waterjet Cutting Machines
 North American Composites - Raw materials to the composites and cast polymer industries
 PlastiComp, LLC - PlastiComp provides a full portfolio of thermoplastic composite technologies. Pushtrusion™ direct in-line compounding technology and equipment, Complēt® long fiber reinforced thermoplastic pellets
 QC Inspection Services, Inc. - Reverse Engineering - 3D Scanning Services & Quality Inspection - QC Inspection Services is the biggest accredited independent engineering & dimensional inspection lab in the Midwest.
 RTP Company - Specialty thermoplastic compounds
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 Composite Services, LLC - Provides FRP composite tank, scrubber, stack, pipe, and duct design, finite element analysis, support structure analysis, manufacturing technology consulting, etc.
 Cook Composites and Polymers - CCP—Cook Composites and Polymers—is a world leader in the production and distribution of gel coats, composites polyester resins, coatings resins and emulsions.
 Gateway Composites, LLC - Distributor for carbon fiber products
 Zoltek, Inc. - World Leader in Carbon Fiber
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 A. B. Carter, Inc. - Tapes, Belts & Straps · Spinning Rings · Travelers · Bobbins · Splicing & Knotting Equipment · Lab Equipment · End Detecting, Metering, Roll Pickers, Tension Capsules, Overfeed Discs & Stroboscopes
 Anderson America Corp. - Plastics and composite routers, CNC machining centers
 Applied Research Associates, Inc. - V-Lab™ is a user-friendly, Windows® -based analysis tool for structural integrity assessment of composite components. The software provides advanced composite stress and failure analysis capabilities within a modular plug and play framework.
 Bcomtesting - Bcomtesting evaluates mechanical and physical properties of polymer, composites and general materials. Also testing fixtures at a very competitive price.
 Colbond - Enkamat is a perfect choice as a flow medium for foams and resins in RTM, VARTM and Infusion technologies. The unique three-dimensional shape of our products keeps fiberglass layers separated and creates an open channel for foams and resins to flow.
 Dustcontrol, Inc. - Technology for Clean Production and Construction
 ERA Environmental Consulting, Inc. - Software and consulting for environmental compliance
 HK Research Corporation - Gel coats, liquid pigments, resin systems and urethanes.
 IPS Corporation, Structural Adhesives Division - IPS leads the adhesives industry with the most complete line of solvent cements and adhesives for bonding plastics. You can count on consistent, high-quality WELD-ON® adhesives
 Montsinger Technologies, Inc. - Long fiber thermoplastic compounds, custom compounds and continuous fiber profiles
 Nederman LLC. - Nederman specializes in source capture dust, mist and fume collection technology. There is no better way to capture dust before it gets into the air than at the source.
 Reichhold - Reichhold is the leading global supplier of unsaturated polyester resins, supplying over one billion pounds of polyester resins and gel coats annually for a wide variety of markets, including marine, construction, transportation and automotive.
 S3 Technologies, LLC - Engineering and Manufacturing of advanced composites. Autoclave cured prepregs, vacuum bag molding, bonding, assembly, and contact laminating. Expertise in composite tool design, manufacturing processes, and production techniques.
 SL-Laser Systems LP - Laser projection systems
 Thermcraft, Inc. - Laboratory and industrial furnaces and ovens.
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 Albany International Techniweave, Inc. - Fabrics, preforms, braids, 3D braids. 3D wovens
 Materials Application Development LLC - New business development
 Northern Fiber Glass Sales - Bagging supplies, cores, prepregs, adhesives, release agents, woven fabrics, tooling products, resins, tools and accessories
 Northern Fiber Glass Sales, Inc. - Manufacturer's Representative and Distributor of premium quality Process and Structural Materials to the Composites, Metal Bonding, and Tooling Industries.
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 Advanced Process Technology, Inc. - Urethane process equipment, vacuum casting systems and RTM machinery. Systems to degas, meter, mix and dispense a variety of urethanes, epoxies, and other plural component, abrasive-filled and unfilled, resin materials providing continuous and shot output
 Alcan Baltek Corporation - The largest supplier of end grain balsa core material to the worldwide composites market, with a wide and innovative product range of core materials.
 Engelhard Corporation - Pigments, performance minerals, decorative and functional coatings, conductive materials and special effect films
 Independent Machine Company - Slitting & Computerized Traverse Winding Systems, Zero Backbend Slitter/Rewinders, Hot Melt Coater/Laminator, Multi Drum Composite Pullers - Automated Material Delivery Assembly (Composite Beams)
 Lunzer, Inc. - Lunzer, Inc. is a recognized world leader in diamond tooling for the fabrication of composite and armor materials.
 Magestic Systems, Inc. - TruNEST™ - the industry's premier, fully integrated nesting system
 Mahogany Company - Suppliers of precision, pre-manufactured composites kits
 Master Bond, Inc. -
 Pilato Consulting - Phenolic Resin Technology - Resin Matrix Systems
 Ralchem, LLC - Specializing in developing new and old technology to meet the maximum potential for profitablilty.
 SAFAS Corporation - The leader in decorative materials for the molded and cast polymer industries. GALAXY GRANULES™, GRANICOAT®, and GRANUPLAST™ have added new dimensions to numerous markets.
 Sample Marshall Laboratories, Inc. - We manufacture Diamond and CBN Coated Tools
 Sensor Products Inc - Sensor Products is a world leader in the field of tactical surface pressure and force sensors. Our surface pressure sensor film and electronic products are analytical tools used in manufacturing and R&D by engineers and technicians.
 Specialty Products Company - Our internal and external release agents and processing aids for thermoplastic, thermoset and engineered resin systems have been scientifically formulated to meet the exacting requirements of the Plastics Industry.
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 SW Composites - Consulting and R&D services for composite structures, structural analysis and
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 Abaris Training Resources, Inc. - Specializing in advanced composite training in all industries since 1983
 Terry S. McQuarrie - Pultrusion resin formulation, tooling design and processing parameters
 TRC Solutions - TRC Solutions provides comprehensive environmental consulting services for composites raw material manufacturing and composites molding facilities.
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 American Environmental Assessment & Solutions, Inc - American environmental Assessment & Solutions, Inc is a leading environmental consulting company providing comprehensive environmental assessments for a broad range of customers including real estate customers.
 Automated Dynamics - A world leader in the fabrication of high performance advanced composite structures and state-of-the-art fiber placement equipment
 Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc - A leader in innovative mold release agents, processing aid additives, cleaners and sealants for the rubber and plastics industries
 Coast-Line International - Bagging film, sealant tape, release agents, breathers, bleeders, vacuum pumps, valves, and hoses, pressure sensitive tapes, high temperature tapes, epoxies, adhesives, abrasives, cutting tools, fiberglass, velcro, air tools, rubber and much more.
 Eastman Machine Company - The absolute best in cutting equipment - from scissors to the standard Blue Streak Straight Knife, to fully automated cutting systems and software solutions.
 Fiber Glass Industries, Inc. - Fiberglass manufacturer with a full line of woven products, mats, multiaxials, knits and rovings
 Harper International Corp. - Furnaces for manufacturing carbon fiber
Link to Innovative Composites Automation Web SiteInnovative Composites Automation - Consulting in Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) and Automated Tape Layup (ATL) Systems
 John A. Eberly, Inc. - Manual and electric scissors, shears and knives for cutting composites and similar engineered materials.
 PCK Technology, Inc. - Manufacturer of heat blankets for aerospace and other industry composite repair.
 Starfire Technology - System Solutions for a Composite World
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 A&P Technology - Braided Fabrics for Composite Reinforcement and Advanced Technology Applications
 American Engineering Group, LLC - AEG (ISO 9001) offers product development, design & engineering services for metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic and composite products. Other capabilities include Failure Analysis, FEA & Product Testing, Prototyping, Supplier and Manufacturer.
 Ashland Performance Materials - Ashland Company is one of the world's largest producers of resins for reinforced plastics.
 Becker Pumps Corp. - A complete line of vacuum pumps, low pressure compressors, and blowers for a variety of plastics processes, including resin transfer molding, vacuum molding, and thermoforming.
 Bettcher Industries, Inc. - Whizard Trimmers and Airshirz Scissors - cut all types of composite materials.
 Breakthrough Technology Development, Inc. - Consulting expertise for research, development, and manufacturing problems associated with high performance non-metallic materials and composites.
 Brenner International - SMC Equipment, roving choppers, mandrels
 C. A. LITZLER CO., INC. - Continuous processing ovens and machinery
 Catalyst Systems - Benzoyl peroxides for use as a curing agent with additives for the elevated-temperature reinforced fiberglass molding industry. Several standard BPO granular and paste products varying by concentrations. Custom formulations to meet special needs.
 Chembar, Inc. - Distribution of adhesives, sealants, coatings, resin systems, moldmaking materials, surface preparation cleaners, lubricants, release agents , as well as maintenance and repair products.
 Cincinnati Testing Laboratories, Inc. - Our staff of engineers, technicians and machinists specializes in the machining, conditioning, and testing of composite, metallic, and advanced composite materials.
 Core Molding Technologies - Core Molding Technologies is the provider of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite solutions for the entire life cycle of your product.
 CRG Industries, LLC - Shape memory polymer resin systems, Shape memory composite cured sheets, cleaners and mold release
 Crown Mold and Machine - Design, manufacture, repair, and revision of precision injection molds, compression molds, and pultrusion dies for the plastics industry.
 Fibersurance, LLC - Fibersurance, LLC Inspection and Consulting
 Fibre Glast Developments Corporation - Fiberglass cloth, epoxy resins, graphite (carbon fiber), Kevlar®, Polyester and Vinyl Ester Resins, vacuum bagging materials, starter kits, equipment, tools, books or videos - Online catalog
 Freeman Mfg. & Supply Co. - The industry-leading supplier to anyone making parts, patterns, tools, or molds
 Infinity FRP Supply - Distributor of fiberglass composite materials, serving all fiberglass related industries, large or small
 Johns Manville - Fiberglass rovings, yarns, mats, chopped fiber and veils
 Martin Pultrusion Group - Pultrusion equipment, tooling, training and technology
 McGill AirPressure LLC - Engineers and builds pressure processing equipment, such as autoclaves and vacuum dryers, for various industries.
 MJ Engineering & Consulting, Inc. - Since 1988, MJ Engineering has been a full service machine and system design consulting firm applying state of the art technology to industrial operations.
 North Coast Tool & Mold - Designers and builders of quality metal molds for the high performance composite industry
 Owens Corning - Glass fiber, mats and cloth
 PolyGroup Inc. - PolyGroup Inc. - Manufacturer and Marketer of Fine Thermoplastic Powders for FRP Low Profile Additive
 Polymer Diagnostics, Inc. - Failure analysis, fire science, deformation, physical testing, litigation support
 Polymer Portal - Polymer Simulation Software
 PSC (a Litzler Co.) - RF Heating for pultrusion and other applications
 Robert Eller Associates, Inc. - REA is a market, technology and strategic consulting resource specializing in analysis and support of management decision making in the plastics and rubber industries.
 Sherwood Advanced Composite Technologies, Corp. - Manufacturer of advanced composite products. We have the capabilities to help develop ideas into prototypes or production products utilizing Pre-Preg materials and techniques. Call anytime to discuss your project needs.
 Silicone Solutions - Consulting and custom manufacturing firm focusing on silicone products
 Sumerak Pultrusion Resource International - Consulting in pultrusion
 Technical Machine Products - Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Vacuum Presses, Vacuum Injection Molding Presses, Liquid Silicone Injection Systems, Laminating Presses and Intensive Mixers
 The French Oil Mill Machinery Company - French delivers custom-designed compression, transfer and vacuum molding solutions, engineered to meet your exact needs, whether it's a stand-alone press or a complete turnkey system.
 TJohnson LLC - Assessment of competitive positioning of product design and materials specifications, production throughput and costs, opportunities for improvement in material and manufacturing efficiencies.
 United Initiators - A leading producer of Organic Peroxides worldwide. A comprehensive range of Catalysts and Initiators for Polymer manufacture and modification, Polyester resin curing.
 WARDJet, Inc. - Waterjet cutters
 Western Advanced Engineering Co. - Pprepreg machines designed and engineered specifically to improve the productivity and versatility of prepreg manufacturing
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 De-Comp Composites, Inc. - Vacuum bag films, release films, liquids, and fabrics, adhesive and sealant tapes, autoclave valves and hoses, castable urethane elastomer, tooling resins, and tool support structures
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Link to Predictive Engineering, Inc. Web SitePredictive Engineering, Inc. - At Predictive Engineering, finite element analysis (FEA) is our business. We live and breathe it—day in, day out. VAR for Femap and NX Nastran.
 Thermoset Systems - Thermoset Systems designs and manufactures meter mix dispensing equipment for plural component thermoset plastics. We also distribute and service Glas-Craft machines and provide consulting
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 Air and Space Engineering - Air and Space Engineering uses NASTRAN, FEMAP, ANSYS, SolidWorks, LS-Dyna to design and analyse composite structures. We perform static, dynamic, thermal, aero-dynamics, bird strike, hail strike analysis.
 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. - Resins and resin additives
 ALGOR, Inc. - Design, analysis and simulation tools that allow engineers to virtually test and predict real-world behavior of new and existing product designs. ALGOR products are based on the finite element method.
 Ansys, Inc. - ANSYS designs, develops, markets and globally supports engineering simulation solutions used to predict how product designs will behave in manufacturing and real-world environments. FEA Software.
 Arkema, Inc. - Additives and initiators for polyester
 Composite Sourcing Solutions - Composite Sourcing Solutions is an engineering consultancy specializing in fiber reinforced polymer composite product research & development, process development, and overseas sourcing assistance.
 Convergent Composites - Convergent Composites is a knowledge-based resource, providing a high level of experience and expertise for composites manufacturers, materials suppliers and OEM’s.
 Fabric Development, Inc. - Specialty textile manufacturer, experienced in the development and production of custom fabrics. In addition to textile development, we manufacture production quantities of custom fabrics.
 J.V.Gauchel and Associates - Materials Optimization, Chemical and Physical Interaction of Composite Systems
Link to Lawrie Technology, Inc. Web SiteLawrie Technology, Inc. - Filament winding, pultrusion, composite design and development
 Leading Edge Composites - TOP QUALITY - Composite Tooling - Prototype and Product Development - Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Energy - ISO9001, AS9100 - Certified FAA Repair Station
 McLube Division, McGee Industries, Inc. - Mold Release, Sealers & Cleaners. Lubricants.
 NovaComp, Inc. - A full array of research and development, technical consulting and market research services to the composites and technical textiles marketplaces
 Saint-Gobain Vetrotex America, Inc. - Fiberglass roving and fabrics
 Zweben Consulting - Dr. Carl Zweben provides consulting and training services in design and development, materials, structures, machine components, optomechanical systems, advanced thermal management, electronics and photonics, acquisitions, training, expert witness.
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 ABAQUS, Inc. - ABAQUS is the world's leading provider of software for advanced finite element analysis.
 Jamestown Distributors - Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, and Kevlar - Other boat building and wood working supplies
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 Advanced Glassfiber Yarns, LLC - High strength, high performance fiberglass reinforcements
 Composite Resources - Design. Prototype. Manufacture.
 Hellman Engineering, Inc. - Bi-directional Fiber Tensioners and Fiber Unwinders for Filament Winding Machines
 Illstreet Composites -
 Innegrity, LLC - Polypropylene fiber
 Izumi International, Inc. - Various kinds of winders, creels, warp and weft feeding and tensioning device for Carbon Fiber and other critical high performance fibers in the U.S.A. and Europe.
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 AOC - AOC is the world leader in innovative resin technology and a leading producer of unsaturated polyesters, vinyl ester resins and gel coats.
 Phoenix Equipment Company - Specialized Equipment for the Fiberglass Industry
 Ventilation Solutions - Ventilation solutions
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 Atofina Chemicals, Inc. - The most complete line of organic peroxides in the industry.
 Benton & Associates - Environmental engineering and safety consulting firm providing air, water and waste permitting, general regulatory compliance support and intervention for clients locally and coast to coast.
 Composites-Consulting, Inc. - Consulting in RTM, resin infusion, autoclave processing, extrusion, and compression molding. Business planning, market research, project/program management, product design & development, cost reduction strategies.
 DIAB Technologies - A leading supplier of high quality sandwich core materials to customers all over the world - Divinycell, Renicell, ProBalsa- training and support in infusion technology
 Equistar Chemicals LP - Microthene® F Polyolefin Powder Products - Low Profile Additive for Thermosets/Composites
 James W. Davidson Consulting - Experience with composite materials and process, engineering and manufacturing. Hands-on familiarity with a wide range of composite materials and processes in the commercial, industrial, utility, building, construction and sporting goods industries
 Marine Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of composite processing equipment including Pultrusion Machines, Transfer Molding, and Filament Winding.
 McConnell Co., Inc. - Consulting in thermoforming - Part design, material problems, tooling design, thermoforming technique, material selection and equipment.
 Prairie Technology Group, Inc. - SWORL vacuum bagging systems, adhesives
 Resolution Performance Products - Epoxy resins
 Walton Process Technologies, Inc. - Leading manufacturer and retrofitter or autoclaves, pressure vessels, bonding presses, ovens and batch process controls.
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 Aerospace Composites Consulting - Expert in Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) and Automated Tape Laying (ATL) processes. Product selection for AFP and ATL processes. Development of process definition for AFP and ATL processes. Marketing for AFP and ATL aerospace components.
 BTG Composites, Inc. - Design, Process Development, Manufacturing, Training, Failure Analysis and Expert Witness Services for the Composites and FRP Industry
 Composite Professionals, Inc. - Consulting in composite design and filament winding
Link to Composites Consultants Web SiteComposites Consultants - Categorized listings of Consultants, Developers and Suppliers to the Composite Industry, On-line Tools, Links to useful web pages and on-line information, News, Commentary, Industry Events, Trade Groups and Universities, Other useful information
 Compositex, Inc. - Innovators in Rocket Propulsion, Composite Structures, Ablatives, and Aerodynamics
 Entec Composite Machines, Inc. - Building Solutions For Your Needs - Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Development and Systems
 Fred J. Policelli Consulting - Composites consulting
 G3 Engineering, LLC - Specializes in design, analysis and manufacturing processes for structures with the principle focus on advanced composites.
 Green Sales Guy, Inc. - GSG offers PERSONAL SERVICE to the composite industry as a manufacturers representative
 HyPerComp Engineering, Inc. - Experts in High Performance Composite Structures, High Pressure Composite Cylinders and Structural Engineering
 Industri-Tech - Distributor for Newport Adhesives and Composites, Airtech, Adtech Plastic Systems, Cybertech Chemicals, Technical Fibre Products, Baltek and others
 Nammo Composite Solutions - Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nammo Composite Solutions is a composite manufacturing and engineering company with over 20 years of experience in operation.
 Radius Engineering Inc. - Radius Engineering's closed mold tooling, process development, workstation design, and injection systems are internationally recognized and acclaimed.
 Rocky Mountain Composites, Inc. - New technical approaches to filament winding, fiber-reinforced composite and tooling based on solid experience
Link to Seifert and Skinner & Associates, Inc. Web SiteSeifert and Skinner & Associates, Inc. - Facilitators of Composite Technology - Experts in Filament Winding, Software, Automation, Design, Development, Training - Consulting in composites, management, machinery, design.
Link to Skinner Creative, Inc. Web SiteSkinner Creative, Inc. - Creative Consulting for the Composites Industry - Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Fiber Placement, Thermoplastics - Product development, Business development, Strategic planning, Plant design, Automation, Economic analysis
 TCR Composites - TCR prepreg is a unique high-performance epoxy material that can be stored at ambient temperatures for at least one year.
 Technology Marketing, Inc. - Vacumm bagging supplies, resin, adhesives, reinforcements, and core materials
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 American GFM Corporation - 6 axis cutting - Superior design and rugged construction to assure highest accuracy when profiling materials such as aluminum, steel or plastic sheet, Nomex® or aluminum honeycomb core, cured composite structures or light alloy materials.
 Collier Research - HyperSizer® Automated structural detail analysis, local sizing optimization, and weight prediction software
 Honeywell Performance Fibers - Spectra polyethylene fiber
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 American Autoclave Company - A leading supplier of technologically advanced autoclaves and composite systems. Furnishing industry, university, and research facilities with quality equipment.
 Carbon Fiber Deals - Carbon Fiber Deals specializes on carbon fiber fabric. We are a world wide supplier for retail and wholesale customers.
 Convergent Mechanical Solutions, LLC - Expert computer aided engineering (CAE) software development, services and support to corporate engineering and research organizations. Distributor for ESAComp in North America.
 Danner Corporation - Experts in Reusable Vacuum Bagging Systems, Tooling, CNC Programming
 Dura-wound, Inc. - Filament Winding Equipment, Mandrels & Accessories
 Electroimpact, Inc. - Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) technology
 Fiberglass Structural Engineering, Inc. - FSE provides expert, integrated consulting services, including FRP materials engineering, equipment and systems design specification, shop and field quality assurance inspection, preventative maintenance inspection, failure investigation and testing.
 Fiberglass Supply, Inc. - A comprehensive inventory of resins, reinforcements and core materials used in the fabrication of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composite products
 Flow International Corporation - Development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting and machining technology for advanced industrial and manufacturing applications, and a leading provider of robotics and assembly equipment.
 General Plastics Manufacturing Company - Pioneers in the formulation of high-performance LAST-A-FOAM® cellular solid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam products.
 Gunnar USA, Inc. - GUNNAR develops, designs and manufactures state of the art computer controlled single layer cutting machines for the technical textile industry.
 Heatcon Composite Systems - World leader in the supply of aerospace composite repair equipment (hot bonders), accessories, materials, consumables, and training.
 Janicki Industries - Large 5-Axis milled patterns, molds, plugs, and tooling for aerospace, marine, and transportation applications
 Leslie Cooke and Associates - Business development consultant specializing in carbon fiber, advanced composite materials and their applications.
 NSE Composites - Specializing in the field of advanced composite structures, NSE provides services in the areas of design, analysis, testing, R&D, and structural certification.
 Torr Technologies,Inc. - Vacuum Bagging Systems and Hardware for Manufacturing Composite Parts and Laminates of All Types
 Westech Aerosol Corp. - Infuzene - the ONLY patented tackifier for dry reinforcements; proven to cross-link with resins and core materials.
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 Lawton Machinery - Molding presses and equipment for thermoset and thermoplastics
 McClean Anderson - Filament winding and accessory equipment
 Premix Thermoplastics, Inc. - Innovative, reliable and safe plastics raw material solutions in applications ranging from ESD proof packaging to EMI shielding. Compounds include thermoplastics combined with virtually all of the electrically conductive additives.
 R-CON Nondestructive Test Consultants, Inc. - Complete line of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment and Supplies, Training, and Consulting Services
 The Madison Group - Expertise and software to analyze compression and injection molding processes, structural and failure analysis, curing and residual stresses, 3-dimensional flows in complex systems, the most powerful material databases in the industry & mixing technology
 THEMIX Plastics, Inc. - THEMIX is a specialty compounder of thermoplastic resins. The specialty compounds include reinforced, lubricated, electrically conductive, static dissipative, EMI shielding, thermally conductive, flame retardant, etc.
 Waukesha Foundry, Inc . - Cast Invar Tooling
 Wisconsin Oven Corporation - Wisconsin Oven is the largest manufacturer of the broadest range of industrial ovens.
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 cadec-online.com - CADEC is an online application that performs composite materials analysis as described in the textbook Introduction to Composite Materials Design-- Second Edition, CRC, 2010.
 Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd. - Touchstone Research Laboratory is an award-winning supplier of materials testing, industrial problem solving, and outsourced R&D services to commercial and government customers.
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 Firehole Composites - Firehole’s Helius:MCT™ software enables the design of composite structures without the numerous expensive testing cycles traditionally deployed, allowing for a faster time-to-market and more reliable designs.
 Wyoming Test Fixtures, Inc. - Dedicated to designing and fabricating mechanical test fixtures of the highest quality at the lowest possible prices
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