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Roving, fabrics, mats and braids - FiberglassWikipedia article on fiberglass, carbonWikipedia article on carbon fiber, aramidWikipedia article on aramid fiber and others

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Fountain Integrated Systems, Inc. - Consultant to the aerospace industry helping small supplier companies grow. Business development ranges from proposal development to strategic planning.
TJohnson LLC - Assessment of competitive positioning of product design and materials specifications, production throughput and costs, opportunities for improvement in material and manufacturing efficiencies.
Vince Kellys Carbon Fiber - Consultant engineer in the manufacture and application of PAN based carbon fibers
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Carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid and other fibers
Rovings, wovens and non-wovens, knits, braids and other reinforcement forms

A&P Technology - Braided Fabrics for Composite Reinforcement and Advanced Technology Applications
Advanced Glassfiber Yarns, LLC - High strength, high performance fiberglass reinforcements
Ahlstrom Corporation - A renowned innovator and manufacturer of nonwoven and woven material and specialty paper solutions, we have unequalled success across a very wide range of demanding applications. This includes world-leading solutions in glassfibre reinforcements.
Albany International Techniweave, Inc. - Fabrics, preforms, braids, 3D braids. 3D wovens
C H Materials Ltd - Advanced fibre nonwovens from light weight surfacing veils to heavier semi structural reinforcements. Product range includes carbon fibre veils and mats, aramid and PBO veils and mats, conductive veils and mats and veils and mats from blended fibres.
Cam Elyaf Sanayii, AS - A manufacturer of glass fiber and polyester resins
Chongqing Polycomp International Corp. - Fiberglass roving, chopped strands, chopped strand mat, yarn and other fiberglass products
Chrong Yi, Co. Ltd, Composites Division - CYMAX - is stitched fabric construction that provides the maximum available strength of high tenacity fibres in composites.
CNBM International Corporation - CNBM International Corporation is specialized in offering fiberglass raw materials, resin, binders for CSM. We also supply equipments and tools for FRP pipes, tanks, rods, etc.
Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. - Prepregs, film adhesives, carbon fiber and other products
Dalian Xingke Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd - Carbon fiber and fabrics
Dalla Betta Group, s.r.l. - Technical woven fabrics in glass, carbon, aramide, basalt, PVA and hybrids. Uni-directionals fabrics.
Devold AMT, AS - Devold AMT is one of the leading international companies in production of multiaxial reinforcements.
Fabric Development, Inc. - Specialty textile manufacturer, experienced in the development and production of custom fabrics. In addition to textile development, we manufacture production quantities of custom fabrics.
Fiber Glass Industries, Inc. - Fiberglass manufacturer with a full line of woven products, mats, multiaxials, knits and rovings
Fiberex Glass Corporation - Fiberex Glass Corporation is one of the largest independent glass fiber manufacturers in North America. We specialize in E-CR glass fibers which, when used in place of 'E' glass, provide superior mechanical, electrical and corrosion resistance properties.
Fothergill Engineered Fabrics, Ltd. - Supplier of woven and knitted high performance textiles
Grafil, Inc. - Carbon fiber
Grand Composites Co.,Ltd - Fiberglass, frp products, composites, fiberglass yarn, fiberglass roving, cloth CSM, fiberglass wallpaper
Hengshui Yixing Fiberglass Co., Ltd. - Fiberglass roving, fiberglass mesh, woven roving, fiberglass window screen, chopped strand mat
Hexcel - A unique product offering comprising an unrivaled range of carbon fibres, prepregs, adhesives, honeycombs, special process and sandwich panels, RTM systems, laminates, thermoplastics and polyurethane systems.
Hollingsworth & Vose Co, Advanced Fiber Nonwovens - Advanced Fiber Nonwovens (AFN®) manufactures high quality SURFACING VEILS and mats from CARBON, E-CR and C GLASS fibers, as well as aramid, conductive and blended fibers.
Honeywell Performance Fibers - Spectra polyethylene fiber
I-Core Composites - I-Core Composites is a US owned and operated producer of composite core products. We produce balsa and foam cores for use in a wide variety of composite applications. I-Core products are distributed throughout North America and globally.
Innegrity, LLC - Polypropylene fiber
Jiangyan GFRP Products Co., Ltd. - glass fibre material supply, chopped strand mat, roving
JN Technologies Pte Ltd - Producing technical fabrics for composite industry and also representing key reinforcement suppliers from China
Johns Manville - Fiberglass rovings, yarns, mats, chopped fiber and veils
Jushi Group Co., Ltd. - E-glass and C-glass fiberglass products and fabrics
Kamenny Vek - Basalt fiber, chopped strands and woven fabrics. Unique combination of advanced mechanical properties, chemical resistance and wide temperature range.
Lintex - Multi-axial Fabrics, Core Combination Fabrics, Woven Combination Fabrics, E Glass Unidirectional Fabrics, E Glass Woven Roving, Basalt Fiber Fabrics, High Strength Fabrics, Chopped Strand Mat and surfacing tissue, Bagging Film, Peel Ply, Breather Fabrics,
Metyx - Telateks, A.S. - Multiaxial non-crimp glass, kevlar and carbon reinforcement, polyamide peel plies, glass reinforced geotextiles
Nacrum, Inc. - Pigmented Reinforced Fabrics
Nanjing Yaocao Composite Co., LTD. - Products include pultrusion equipments, caterpillar equipments, pulwinding equipments and filament winding equipments; FRP pultrusion; ... etc. We have delivered the best quality and pricing to customers in Southeast Asia, Europe and USA.
Nastrificio Gavazzi S.p.A. - Manufacturers of fiberglass fabrics, mesh and tapes.
NTT Aerospace, Ltd. - Carbon fiber, oxidized fiber
Owens Corning - Glass fiber, mats and cloth
Oxeon AB - Tapewoven carbon reinforcements - Oxeon-TeXtreme™ - aimed towards manufacturers of advanced composite materials.
Oxeon, AB - Oxeon develops, produces and markets patented spread tow carbon reinforcements - TeXtreme® spread tow fabrics and TeXero® UD tapes.
PPG Fiber Glass - A world leader in manufacturing continuous strand fiber glass used in a wide range of plastics applications
Saertex Wagener GmbH - Non-crimp fabrics
Saint-Gobain Vetrotex America, Inc. - Fiberglass roving and fabrics
Scott & Fyfe, Ltd. - Glass reinforced fabrics - Polymat
Selcom, S.r.l. - Stitch-Bonded fabrics
SGL Carbon AG - SGL Carbon is the world's largest manufacturer of carbon, graphite and composite materials for industrial and aerospace applications
Sigmatex (UK) Limited - World leader in converting carbon fibre into woven, unidirectional, multiaxial and 3-dimensional textiles.
Soficar, SA - TORAYCA® carbon fiber using the PAN (polyacrylonitrile) process.
SP Systems - Formulated resin systems, structural reinforcements, prepregs, cores and vacuum consumables
Specialty Materials, Inc. - Manufacturer of Boron and SCS Silicon Carbide fibers made via chemical vapor deposition. Manufacturer of Born fiber / Epoxy prepregs
Toray Carbon Fiber America - TORAYCA® carbon fiber using the PAN (polyacrylonitrile) process.
TRIAXIS Composites - Multiaxial No Crimp Fabric, Glass Carbon, and Kevlar Reinforcement
Urja Products, Pvt. Ltd. - We are a three decade old firm manufacturing technical textiles. We specialise in carbon, glass, and other aramid fabrics. Our products also include PTFE coated glass farbics, peel-ply farbics, filter fabrics, expansion joints etc.
V2 Composite, Inc. - V2 manufactures superior composite reinforcement fabrics that consist of fibers that are mechanically placed and computer controlled to facilitate a precise uniform angle - carbon, aramid, glass non-crimp multiaxial fabrics
Vectorply Corporation - Fabrics, mats, stitched, non-crimp
You Chang Co., Ltd - Fiberglass and carbon fabrics, rovings, and other products
Zoltek, Inc. - World Leader in Carbon Fiber
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Machinery for unspooling, spooling, tensioning, chopping, weaving, braiding, knitting, stitching, knotting, splicing, etc.
Also machinery for manufacturing reinforcement fibers

Link to Schmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG Web SiteSchmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG - SMC Machinery, Choppers, Slitting & Cutting Machines, Production Equipment for BMC, Prepreg, FR Concrete, Polyester Plates, as well as Special Purpose Machines

A. B. Carter, Inc. - Tapes, Belts & Straps · Spinning Rings · Travelers · Bobbins · Splicing & Knotting Equipment · Lab Equipment · End Detecting, Metering, Roll Pickers, Tension Capsules, Overfeed Discs & Stroboscopes
C. A. LITZLER CO., INC. - Continuous processing ovens and machinery
CNBM International Corporation - CNBM International Corporation is specialized in offering fiberglass raw materials, resin, binders for CSM. We also supply equipments and tools for FRP pipes, tanks, rods, etc.
Constructions Mécaniques du Grimaud - Fiber tensioning systems - systèmes de fibre de tension
Harper International Corp. - Furnaces for manufacturing carbon fiber
Independent Machine Company - Slitting & Computerized Traverse Winding Systems, Zero Backbend Slitter/Rewinders, Hot Melt Coater/Laminator, Multi Drum Composite Pullers - Automated Material Delivery Assembly (Composite Beams)
Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH - Stitch-bonding machines, knitting machines and other machinery
Liba Maschinenfabrik, GmbH - Warp knitting machines, stich bonding machines
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