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Pultrusion Wikipedia article on pultrusion

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See the Tooling page for pultrusion dies

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Link to Lawrie Technology, Inc. Web SiteLawrie Technology, Inc. - Filament winding, pultrusion, composite design and development
Link to Skinner Creative, Inc. Web SiteSkinner Creative, Inc. - Creative Consulting for the Composites Industry - Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Fiber Placement, Thermoplastics - Product development, Business development, Strategic planning, Plant design, Automation, Economic analysis
Link to Spencer Composites Corportation Web SiteSpencer Composites Corportation - Filament winding, pultrusion, RTM, composite design and development

Allied Composite Technologies, LLC - Allied Composite Technologies LLC (ACT) utilizes novel composite materials and processes to produce innovative products that meet identified customer needs.
Comp Tech - Consulting in pultrusion - specialist in thin wall pultrusion.
CQFD Composites - Pultruded composite solutions development - Thermoset & thermoplastic matrix systems
East Midlands Composites Consulting - Consultancy in Filament Winding and Pultrusion with Thermoset and Thermoplastic resins, Compounding, Wet Lay-up, Design and Material selection.
Ebert Composites Corporation - Ebert Composites is a research and development company specializing in the pultrusion of 3-dimensional fibers.
J. Nikkam Industrial Consultant and Supply - Technical and consultant services for pultrusion, part design, R&D - Professional Engineer
James W. Davidson Consulting - Experience with composite materials and process, engineering and manufacturing. Hands-on familiarity with a wide range of composite materials and processes in the commercial, industrial, utility, building, construction and sporting goods industries
Jonam Composites, Ltd - Bespoke thermoplastic composite profiles and prepreg using continuous fibres and thermoplastics using a melt pultrusion process. Services from design, development to setting up clients for full production and manufacturing partnerships are available.
Marine Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of composite processing equipment including Pultrusion Machines, Transfer Molding, and Filament Winding.
Martin Pultrusion Group - Pultrusion equipment, tooling, training and technology
Pilato Consulting - Phenolic Resin Technology - Resin Matrix Systems
Sumerak Pultrusion Resource International - Consulting in pultrusion
Terry S. McQuarrie - Pultrusion resin formulation, tooling design and processing parameters
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Including pultrusion machines, creels, resin baths, cut off saws

Ashirvad Techno Equipments - Mfg. of : Composites Pultrusion Machine, Automatic Section Cutter, Mat Slitter for Mat roll cutting, Various types of Pultrusion Dies
CNBM International Corporation - CNBM International Corporation is specialized in offering fiberglass raw materials, resin, binders for CSM. We also supply equipments and tools for FRP pipes, tanks, rods, etc.
Constructions Mécaniques du Grimaud - Fiber tensioning systems - systèmes de fibre de tension
Entec Composite Machines, Inc. - Building Solutions For Your Needs - Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Development and Systems
Fibermaq Equipamentos, Ltd. - Manufacture of machinery, tools and accessories for composites in general, especially for the segments of fiberglass (fiberglass), PU (polyurethane) and epoxy injection machines.
Harbin Composite Equipment Company - Filament winding and pultrusion equipment
HOOP Machines Oy - Filament winding machines, pultrusion machines
Marine Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of composite processing equipment including Pultrusion Machines, Transfer Molding, and Filament Winding.
Martin Pultrusion Group - Pultrusion equipment, tooling, training and technology
Nanjing Haoli Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of pultrusion machines and equipment
Nanjing Yaocao Composite Co., LTD. - Products include pultrusion equipments, caterpillar equipments, pulwinding equipments and filament winding equipments; FRP pultrusion; ... etc. We have delivered the best quality and pricing to customers in Southeast Asia, Europe and USA.
PSC (a Litzler Co.) - RF Heating for pultrusion and other applications
Pultrex, Ltd. - Pultrusion, pullwinding and filament winding machines and accessories
SVS Hydraulics - A professionally managed firm, we are involved in the manufacture and export of an array of pultrusion machinery at industry leading prices.
Zanjeareh Tejarat Toos Co., Ltd. - We can produce discontinuous filament winding machine up to 6000 mm dia , and pultrusion machine , suitable price , acceptable quality
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Creative Consulting for the Composites Industry

Online Software Tools for Pultruders

Tools from Composite Consultants

Pultrusion Wizard™ - Calculate resin/fiber fraction or die cross section

Other online tools - All are free, but may require user registration.

Fiberline Pultrusion Calculator - A tool for architects, engineers and technicians, which will facilitate the manufacture of structures of Fiberline profiles in plastic composites.

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