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Thermoset Prepreg Materials

Rovings, tapes and fabrics

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Fountain Integrated Systems, Inc. - Consultant to the aerospace industry helping small supplier companies grow. Business development ranges from proposal development to strategic planning.
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Advanced Composites Group, Ltd. - Manufacture of high performance pre-impregnated (prepreg) advanced fibre reinforced composites.
Amber Composites, Ltd. - A leading manufacturer of Carbon and Glass Epoxy Prepregsystems for Composite Tooling and Component applications, the widest range of Polyurethane and Epoxy patternmaking, modelmaking and prototyping materials & Industrial Adhesives.
Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. - Prepregs, film adhesives, carbon fiber and other products
Gurit, AG - Prepregs
Hexcel - A unique product offering comprising an unrivaled range of carbon fibres, prepregs, adhesives, honeycombs, special process and sandwich panels, RTM systems, laminates, thermoplastics and polyurethane systems.
IMS Kunststoff GmbH - Provider of composites and especially fast reacting epoxy prepregs as well as thermoplastic solutions. Prepregs with the H011 hotmelt epoxy system which cures within 3 minutes @ 130°C.
Jiaxing Sino-Dia Carbon Fibre Co.,Ltd - Fabrication Methods - Compression Molding - Materials
Montsinger Technologies, Inc. - Long fiber thermoplastic compounds, custom compounds and continuous fiber profiles
Newport Adhesives and Composites, Inc. - Prepregs - Woven, Stitched and Knitted, Advanced Chemical Formulations, Reinforcements with Carbon Fibers, Aramids, Hybrids, E & S Fiberglass, Spectra and Quartz, Unidirectional Tapes, Towpreg, Film Adhesives, Syntactic Foams, Gel Coats, RTM/VARTM resin
Park Advanced Composite Materials, Inc. - Nelcote™ advanced composite materials for the aerospace, commercial and industrial markets.
Red Composites (UK) Ltd - Manufacturer and supplier of Towpregs and Performance Polymer Systems
SP Systems - Formulated resin systems, structural reinforcements, prepregs, cores and vacuum consumables
Specialty Materials, Inc. - Manufacturer of Boron and SCS Silicon Carbide fibers made via chemical vapor deposition. Manufacturer of Born fiber / Epoxy prepregs
Stesalit AG - Provider of composites for the aerospace, automotive, machine and construction industry. Prepregs in epoxy, phenolic or cyanate ester resin systems.
TCR Composites - TCR prepreg is a unique high-performance epoxy material that can be stored at ambient temperatures for at least one year.
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Equipment to manufacture and process prepregs

Link to Schmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG Web SiteSchmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG - SMC Machinery, Choppers, Slitting & Cutting Machines, Production Equipment for BMC, Prepreg, FR Concrete, Polyester Plates, as well as Special Purpose Machines

Automation Dynamics, Inc. - Filament winding machines, prepreg tape machines
Cavitec Santex AG - Prepreg and laminating machines for tapes and fabrics for the composite industry.
Century Design, Inc. - Equipment for table rolling, tape wrapping, finishing, prepregging and other processes
Dasan Engineering CO., Ltd. - Dasan Engineering manufactures & developes Composite Process machineries and Equipments
Independent Machine Company - Slitting & Computerized Traverse Winding Systems, Zero Backbend Slitter/Rewinders, Hot Melt Coater/Laminator, Multi Drum Composite Pullers - Automated Material Delivery Assembly (Composite Beams)
WEB Processing (M/C), Ltd. - Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Coating, Flocking and Lamination Machinery. Prepreg machinery.
Western Advanced Engineering Co. - Pprepreg machines designed and engineered specifically to improve the productivity and versatility of prepreg manufacturing
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Online Information about Prepregs

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Link to SIFIMAC, SA Web Site
Servicios de Ingeniería Formación e Inspección en Materiales Compuestos - Engineering Services, Training and Inspection for Composite Materials

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