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Other Materials

Including adhesives, cores, veils, mold releases, bagging materials, paints and coatings

See Compression Molding - Materials for SMC, BMC, GMT, LFT, sheet goods, tailored blanks and other molding materials

Consultants Materials



Advanced Lightweight Engineering - Specialists in the design, development, and production of lightweight structures
Composites & Adhesives Newsletter - Solve problems related to adhesive bonding. Expert witness/consultant for nonmetallic materials. Organize seminars/conferences. Write articles related to composites and adhesives.
Silicone Solutions - Consulting and custom manufacturing firm focusing on silicone products
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Link to ProLink Materials Web SiteProLink Materials - Advanced coating technology for composites, plastics and metals.

Advanced Ceramics Research - State-of-the-art high temperature, high strength ceramic materials and processes. AquacoreTM water-soluble core material for composite manufacturing is easily machined and thermally stable to 380°F.
Aerovac Systems Limited - Specialists in the sourcing, distribution and development of composite process materials and reusable vacuum bagging systems, and silicon rubber constructions for the advanced composite industry.
Airtech International, Inc. - The world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials
Alcan Baltek Corporation - The largest supplier of end grain balsa core material to the worldwide composites market, with a wide and innovative product range of core materials.
Amber Composites, Ltd. - A leading manufacturer of Carbon and Glass Epoxy Prepregsystems for Composite Tooling and Component applications, the widest range of Polyurethane and Epoxy patternmaking, modelmaking and prototyping materials & Industrial Adhesives.
Arsan Kaucuk, AS - Rubber gaskets for GRP pipes
Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc - A leader in innovative mold release agents, processing aid additives, cleaners and sealants for the rubber and plastics industries
Axson Technologies - Adhesives, casting resins, dielectrics, laminating products, machineable products, rapid prototyping and surface preperation
Beijing Evergrow Resources Co., Ltd. - Evergrow Resources is an advanced functional materials manufacturer. Products include UHMWPE, engineering plastics, activated carbon products, glass fiber, and other materials.
Bodotex Composites -
Bondline Products - Reusable vacuum bagging systems, vaccum connectors, design and fabrication and technology transfer
Brandywine Materials, LLC - Adhesive and Sealant Mixing and Dispensing Equipment from Brandywine Materials, LLC
C H Materials Ltd - Advanced fibre nonwovens from light weight surfacing veils to heavier semi structural reinforcements. Product range includes carbon fibre veils and mats, aramid and PBO veils and mats, conductive veils and mats and veils and mats from blended fibres.
Cel Components S.r.l. - Aluminum honeycombs, thermoplastic honeycombs, PVC foam, sandwich panels
Coastal Enterprises - Manufacturer of Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane (HDU) machinable substrate for tooling and composite structures. Wide range of densities and custom tooling blocks cut and bonded to rough shape.
Colbond - Enkamat is a perfect choice as a flow medium for foams and resins in RTM, VARTM and Infusion technologies. The unique three-dimensional shape of our products keeps fiberglass layers separated and creates an open channel for foams and resins to flow.
Compsys, Inc. - Manufacturer of PRISMA® preforms - constant cross-section frames and beams that feature a dry fiber-reinforced outer surface with a two-part, self-rising urethane foam core.
CRG Industries, LLC - Shape memory polymer resin systems, Shape memory composite cured sheets, cleaners and mold release
Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. - Prepregs, film adhesives, carbon fiber and other products
Danner Corporation - Experts in Reusable Vacuum Bagging Systems, Tooling, CNC Programming
De-Comp Composites, Inc. - Vacuum bag films, release films, liquids, and fabrics, adhesive and sealant tapes, autoclave valves and hoses, castable urethane elastomer, tooling resins, and tool support structures
DIAB Technologies - A leading supplier of high quality sandwich core materials to customers all over the world - Divinycell, Renicell, ProBalsa- training and support in infusion technology
Elliott Company - Elfoam products are rigid, closed cell polyisocyanurate foams that are chemically similar to but higher performing than polyurethane foams. Elfoam is widely used in composite sandwich construction.
Euro-Composites, S.A. - Manufacturers of aramid (Nomex and Kevlar) and aluminium honeycomb. Finished parts ready for assembling - panels, milled and heat-formed parts, autoclaved or liquid moulding technologies.
FRP Accessories - Phantom Veil is a surface designed texture based on Fibreglass Surfacing Mat OR Polyester Non Woven Fabric, which can be incorporated in an FRP composite to impart ‘Wood Grain’, ‘Marble’ or any other surface appearance.
General Plastics Manufacturing Company - Pioneers in the formulation of high-performance LAST-A-FOAM® cellular solid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam products.
General Sealants, Inc. - General Sealants™ delivers a wide range of sealant tapes and specialized adhesives, along with the largest line of extruded sealants available
Geocomposite - Our product range includes all materials required for the manufacture of composite tools and parts using vacuum bag techniques
Hanif, AB - Technology for decking, Material formulations, Machinery and tooling, Wood filled compounds for injection moulding and profile extrusion - Grinding, drying and compounding technologies for wood and plastics
Hawkeye Industries, Inc. - Duratec polyester and vinyl products for pattern and mold repairing and surfacing; in-mold primers for composite part manufacturing; high-gloss coatings for interior finishing; and a vinyl ester system for boat hull repair.
Hexcel - A unique product offering comprising an unrivaled range of carbon fibres, prepregs, adhesives, honeycombs, special process and sandwich panels, RTM systems, laminates, thermoplastics and polyurethane systems.
Hollingsworth & Vose Co, Advanced Fiber Nonwovens - Advanced Fiber Nonwovens (AFN®) manufactures high quality SURFACING VEILS and mats from CARBON, E-CR and C GLASS fibers, as well as aramid, conductive and blended fibers.
Huron Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturers of Mold Release Agents, Water Base, High Solids, Internals, Semi-Permanents For Molded Polyurethane, Rubber & Composites.
I-Core Composites - I-Core Composites is a US owned and operated producer of composite core products. We produce balsa and foam cores for use in a wide variety of composite applications. I-Core products are distributed throughout North America and globally.
Intech Services, Inc. - Intech Services is the sole distributor of DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings in the U.S. and Canada and sells everything needed to run a coating shop.
IPS Corporation, Structural Adhesives Division - IPS leads the adhesives industry with the most complete line of solvent cements and adhesives for bonding plastics. You can count on consistent, high-quality WELD-ON® adhesives
ITW Plexus - Plexus methacrylate adhesives for structural bonding of nearly all thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials.
ITW SprayCore - Manufacturer of innovative sprayable syntactic materials and sprayable surfacing materials that improve product quality while increasing manufacturing efficiencies and reducing emissions.
Lantor BV - Coremat® is the nonwoven core and liner for hand lay-up and spray-up processes - Soric® is a pressure stable honeycomb core for closed mould processes - Finishmat® provides an excellent surface finish
Lintex - Multi-axial Fabrics, Core Combination Fabrics, Woven Combination Fabrics, E Glass Unidirectional Fabrics, E Glass Woven Roving, Basalt Fiber Fabrics, High Strength Fabrics, Chopped Strand Mat and surfacing tissue, Bagging Film, Peel Ply, Breather Fabrics,
M. C. Gill Corporation - Honeycomb panels, ballistic laminates and sandwich panels
Magnolia Plastics, Inc. - Adhesives, Coatings, Encapsulating and Potting Compounds, Syntactics, Tooling Resins, General Purpose Epoxy Resins and Curing Agents
Master Bond, Inc. -
McLube Division, McGee Industries, Inc. - Mold Release, Sealers & Cleaners. Lubricants.
Metyx - Telateks, A.S. - Multiaxial non-crimp glass, kevlar and carbon reinforcement, polyamide peel plies, glass reinforced geotextiles
National Aerospace Supply Company - Vacuum Bagging, Sealant Tapes, Release Films, Breather Bleeders, Peel Plies, Autoclave Hoses & autoclave support materials
Newport Adhesives and Composites, Inc. - Prepregs - Woven, Stitched and Knitted, Advanced Chemical Formulations, Reinforcements with Carbon Fibers, Aramids, Hybrids, E & S Fiberglass, Spectra and Quartz, Unidirectional Tapes, Towpreg, Film Adhesives, Syntactic Foams, Gel Coats, RTM/VARTM resin
Nida-Core Corporation - Quality supplier of structural composites sandwich core materials, including: Thermoplastic honeycomb, end-grain balsa, polyurethane foam, laminate bulker and print barrier, sound absorption foam cored sandwich panels.
Nidaplast Honeycombs - Polypropylene honeycomb core
Plascore Incorporated - A leading manufacturer of honeycomb cores and lightweight composite solutions. Plascore products include metallic, aramid fiber and thermoplastic honeycomb cores/sheets, clean room environments, custom composite panels and energy absorbers.
Prairie Technology Group, Inc. - SWORL vacuum bagging systems, adhesives
Premix Thermoplastics, Inc. - Innovative, reliable and safe plastics raw material solutions in applications ranging from ESD proof packaging to EMI shielding. Compounds include thermoplastics combined with virtually all of the electrically conductive additives.
Rexco - REXCO Mold Care Products has been a trusted partner to the composites industry for over fifty years, manufacturing simple, effective and economical mold release agents and mold care products - PARTALL®, MARBALEASE®, and FORMULA FIVE®
Richmond Aircraft Products - Supplier of VAC-PAK® vacuum processing materials, Release Films and Fabrics, Breathers / Bleeders, Peel Plies & Accesories for the Aerospace & Composite Industries.
Silicone Solutions - Consulting and custom manufacturing firm focusing on silicone products
SP Systems - Formulated resin systems, structural reinforcements, prepregs, cores and vacuum consumables
Specialty Products Company - Our internal and external release agents and processing aids for thermoplastic, thermoset and engineered resin systems have been scientifically formulated to meet the exacting requirements of the Plastics Industry.
Spheretex GmbH - sphere.tex is a flat textile material made of woven fabric, non crimp fabrics (mainly E-glass fibers, alt.: Carbon, aramid, polyester), which is volumised through the embedding of thermoplastic microspheres. Core material.
Strucore, S.A.S. - STRUCORE® is a thermoplastic honeycomb panel that can be versatile in usage. It can be cut, glued, welded, laminated, thermoformed and integrated with other product(s). Offering high mechanical properties, the core is lightweight and rigid.
Technical Fibre Products, Ltd. - TFP manufacture a range of veils and mats for the fibre reinforced plastic (composites) industry. These products, marketed under the Optimat® brand, offer cost effective solutions for the surface engineering of composites and low cost reinforcement.
Technology Marketing, Inc. - Vacumm bagging supplies, resin, adhesives, reinforcements, and core materials
The Coretex Group - UK, Europe and Middle Eastern agents and consultants for honeycomb cores, adhesives, lightweight panels, carbon fibre mouldings, cleanroom walls, cleanroom ceilings and energy absorbers.
Torr Technologies,Inc. - Vacuum Bagging Systems and Hardware for Manufacturing Composite Parts and Laminates of All Types
Tricel Honeycomb Corporation - TRICEL Honeycomb is a kraft paper product fabricated to form a continuous series of triangular cells, similar in appearance to the cross section view of corrugated board.
Urja Products, Pvt. Ltd. - We are a three decade old firm manufacturing technical textiles. We specialise in carbon, glass, and other aramid fabrics. Our products also include PTFE coated glass farbics, peel-ply farbics, filter fabrics, expansion joints etc.
Vactech Composites - Vacuum Bagging Film, Peel Ply, PVC Hose Pipe, Infusion Mesh, Perforated Release Film, Butyl Tape
Vivian Regina - Fibasil C-Veil - C Glass veils for industrial applications
Waterworks - A non-hazardous mold release system designed specifically for the aerospace industry, Waterworks combines the latest release technology with the convenience of an environmentally safe product.
Westech Aerosol Corp. - Infuzene - the ONLY patented tackifier for dry reinforcements; proven to cross-link with resins and core materials.
Yash Enterprises - Mica powders for paint, SMC/ BMC
Zip-Vac East - Reusable Vacuum Bagging Systems, Hardware, and accessories for Manufacturing Composite Parts.
Zyvax, Inc. - As the leader in non-VOC, semi-permanent release coatings, Zyvax provides a variety of products used in almost every industry
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Link to MF Tech, Srl Web Site
MF Tech, Srl
Inexpensive filament winding machinery based on industrial robots for tubes, vessels, pipe fittings and other parts. Designers and developers of custom equipment and fabrication methods. Filament wound part designers and developers.

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