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Curing and Finishing

  • Ovens, curing systems, autoclaves, vacuum systems
  • Extractors, trimming systems, water jet cutting, router systems, saws, drills, sanding systems
  • Painting systems, finishing systems
  • Supplies and materials
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RadTech International - The association for the advancement of ultraviolet and electron beam (UV & EB) technology.
Seagull/Seawolf Industries - Consultation, Product Design, Research, Prototyping, and Advanced Production Equipment for the Composites, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP), and Thermoforming Industries
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Acrolab Ltd. - Isomandrel Heated Isothermal mandrels and associated control systems used in 'out of oven' curing of filament wound products
Aeroform, Ltd. - Industry standard specification autoclaves to custom built turnkey installations, Aeroform will produce a system to meet your specific requirements.
American Autoclave Company - A leading supplier of technologically advanced autoclaves and composite systems. Furnishing industry, university, and research facilities with quality equipment.
American GFM Corporation - 6 axis cutting - Superior design and rugged construction to assure highest accuracy when profiling materials such as aluminum, steel or plastic sheet, Nomex® or aluminum honeycomb core, cured composite structures or light alloy materials.
Anderson America Corp. - Plastics and composite routers, CNC machining centers
Bodi Company, Inc. - Fiberglass Laminating rollers, Gelcoat Spray Guns, MEK Dispensers, Wedges, Squeegees, Surfasolve Acetone Replacement, Plastic Spreaders, Chip Brushes, Fiber Scales, MIL Gauges, Laminate Gauges, Roller Cleaner, cutting tools
Bondtech Corporation - Full service company designing, engineering and manufacturing autoclave systems, with material handling, for technical industries
C. A. LITZLER CO., INC. - Continuous processing ovens and machinery
Carbro Corporation - Composite Cutting Tools- Carbide
Century Design, Inc. - Equipment for table rolling, tape wrapping, finishing, prepregging and other processes
Deltamatic - Deltamatic supplies compression molding and thermoforming equipment, waterjet cutting systems
Despatch Industries - Industrial Ovens, Furnaces & Environmental Test Chambers
Downland Dispensers - The largest and most varied stock of GRP ancillaries available anywhere in the world
EHA Composite Machinery GmbH - Filament winding equipment and accessories, curing ovens and complete automated systems
Flow International Corporation - Development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting and machining technology for advanced industrial and manufacturing applications, and a leading provider of robotics and assembly equipment.
France-Etuves, SARL - We design and manufacture ovens for all your applications. Standard products range from a few litres to several m3. Specific products developped by our engineering department.
Getrasur - Equipment for proportioning of dual component resin systems, in mold coatings, finishing and surface treatment, plastic extrusion, sandblasting and paint coating.
Jet Edge - Jet Edge Waterjet Cutting Machines
McGill AirPressure LLC - Engineers and builds pressure processing equipment, such as autoclaves and vacuum dryers, for various industries.
Mindon Engineering - Mindon Engineering manufacture a comprehensive range of high specification standard design box and tunnel ovens in modular sizes.
National Aerospace Supply Company - Vacuum Bagging, Sealant Tapes, Release Films, Breather Bleeders, Peel Plies, Autoclave Hoses & autoclave support materials
Precision Quincy - Industrial ovens
Quanzhou Easy Light Stone Tools Co., Ltd -
Robotic Production Technology - Robotic systems for Knife Trimming, Material Dispensing, Laser Cutting and Scoring, Water Jet Cutting, Router Trimming, Material Removal, Material Handling and Material Joining
Stiles Machinery, Inc. - CNC routers, Waterjet Cutters
Taricco Corporation - New and Used Autoclaves, Ovens, & Presses
Thermal Equipment Corporation - Manufacturer of custom engineered TEC autoclaves, hydroclaves, ovens, hydraulic presses, Baron-Blakeslee (BBI) vapor degreasing equipment, ACCS control software and Baron autoclaves.
Thermcraft, Inc. - Laboratory and industrial furnaces and ovens.
Thermex Thermatron, LP - Industrial RF systems, Industrial Microwave systems and RF Heat Sealing Equipment.
Walton Process Technologies, Inc. - Leading manufacturer and retrofitter or autoclaves, pressure vessels, bonding presses, ovens and batch process controls.
WARDJet, Inc. - Waterjet cutters
Wisconsin Oven Corporation - Wisconsin Oven is the largest manufacturer of the broadest range of industrial ovens.
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Including cutting tools, drills, router bits

Cajero, Ltd. - Experts in cutting tool design and manufacture for composite and aerospace components.
CVD Diamond Corporation - Diamond Coated Cutting Tools
D.K Holdings, Ltd. - D.K Holdings are a specialist manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Diamond Tools and Associated Products.
Graff Diamond Products - Manufacturer of diamond blades, routers, holesaws and custom engineered diamond products to cut, finish and grind composite materials.
Lunzer, Inc. - Lunzer, Inc. is a recognized world leader in diamond tooling for the fabrication of composite and armor materials.
Onsrud Cutter - Complete line of cutters for difficult to cut composite materials
Sample Marshall Laboratories, Inc. - We manufacture Diamond and CBN Coated Tools
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