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Tier 1 Engineering

Specialists in the design, fabrication and testing of lightweight composite structures

Main Office:
Tier 1 Engineering
1001 W 17th St, Ste D
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Glen Dromgoole
Phone: 800-337-9613 or 949-574-4130 Fax: 800-337-9613
Web site: www.tier1engineering.com Email: info@tier1engineering.com
Listed under these categories:
Development - Design & Development - Consultants and Designers
Development - Design & Development - Developers and Prototype Fabrication
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Engineering, Prototyping and Production

Tier 1 Engineering is a global provider of engineering services, specializing in the design, fabrication and testing of lightweight composite structures.

Our services span the entire product cycle from concept to product development, production and operational support. We work with clients to develop composite products which have proven technical, economic and environmental benefits over traditional designs.

Capabilities and Expertise

Composite Engineering & Manufacturing

         Design of composite parts and tooling

         Analysis of laminate strength, failure modes, layup optimization

         Composite manufacturing using thermoset and thermoplastic material systems

         Testing and certification of composite parts, materials and processes

CAD Modeling / Layout Design

         CAD Migration, Drawing Conversion

         2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Digital Mockups

         Components and mechanisms

         Tooling and ground support equipment design

         Trade studies to evaluate cost, weight and technical risks

         Form-Fit-Function evaluation

Classical Structural Analysis

         Static hand calculations

         Aircraft repair and aging aircraft design

         Life Analysis - Fatigue, Crack Growth, and Damage Tolerance

Finite Element Analysis

         Statics - Geometric and Material Nonlinearity, Contact Properties, Composites

         Dynamics Modal, Harmonic, Transient, PSD Random Vibration

         Thermal analysis Steady state and transient

         Buckling Linear and non-linear

         Shape Optimization

         Bird Strike, Crash simulation, Impact events


Aerodynamic Loads & Analysis

         Load case assessment

         Loads development from wind tunnel and/or CFD data sources

         Classical prediction tools (2D & 3D panel methods)

         Euler and Navier-Stokes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) prediction tools

         One-equation, two equation and LES turbulence modelling methods

         Outer mold line effects on vehicle performance

Testing Services

         Planning and design to certify materials, processes and components

Technical Media

         Test instructions/reports

         Certification reports/analysis

         Service bulletins/temporary revisions

         Illustrated parts catalogs

         Overhaul and operation manuals

         Component/Aircraft maintenance manuals

         Training and Safety manuals

         Structural repair, wiring diagram and tooling manuals

Software Competencies

         CATIA V4, V5










         NASGRO / FLAGRO




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