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Spoolex – Decoup+

Decoup+ : Designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic slitting, splicing and welding equipment for textiles, nonwovens and plastics

Main Office:
Spoolex – Decoup+
ZI du Buisson, 7 rue de la Poudrière
Roche la Molière, 42230

Mrs Sylvie Montagne
Phone: +33 477 29 36 70 Fax: +33 477 29 36 80
Web site: www.decoup.com Email: decoup@spoolex.com

Listed under these categories:
Processes - Fabric Cutting & Kitting - Equipment
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Decoup+ is a French company specialised in the designing and manufacturing of ultrasonic cutting / sealing / splicing solutions, which are applicable at any stage of the textile and nonwoven fabrication and conversion process.

The ultrasonic technology

Ultrasonic devices use high frequency vibratory energy combined with pressure to effect a cut or splice on synthetic textiles, nonwovens and plastics.

Ultrasonic web slitting

An ultrasonic slitter cut and seal the edge of a fabric in a single pass. The fabric fibers are welded together during the cut, thus enabling the complete elimination of fraying, unravelling and material beading along the cut edge.
The sealing operation has reinforced the edge, increasing in this its resistance and in some cases the life expectancy of the final product.

Ultrasonic web forging

The ultrasonic technology can also be used to laminate or forge a web. This operation consists of welding the product along a track (without cutting it) to increase the resistance of the material.
This is mostly used before the cutting operation (combined cutting = ultrasonic lamination + cold or ultrasonic cutting). The track being wide, the resistance of the welded area will be higher than the one reached with a sole ultrasonic cutting operation.

Ultrasonic web splicing

The same properties are also usable to splice two webs of synthetic materials together. In this case, an ultrasonic cutting head will simultaneously cut and weld two webs together, thus creating a continuous splicing joint. An optional ultrasonic lamination can then occure to laminate this joint and eliminate the overthickness created during the welding.
The joint obtained with a splicing ultrasonic device will have characteristics very similar to those of the plain web (little or no overthickness, high resistance, flexibility, softness...). This technology can avoid joint areas elimination when the material is hidden (this is the case for example for baby diapers acquisition layers).


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