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Connect Composites, Ltd.

Independent consulting service from the design stage all the way to production. Connect Composites can reduce clients commercial risks and compress the time it takes for products to reach the market.

Main Office:
Connect Composites, Ltd.
Tapton Park Innovation Centre
Chesterfield, S41 0TZ

Robert Tetrault
Phone: +44 1246 541 918 or +44 7882 978 224 Fax: +44 1246 563 322
Web site: www.netcomposites.com/connect Email: robert.tetrault@netcomposites.com
Listed under these categories:
Development - Design & Development - Consultants and Designers
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As part of the NetComposites group, Connect Composites offers a consultancy and brokerage service based on our extensive expertise in composites manufacturing. It is aimed at anyone who requires assistance in bringing a composites product to market.

Composites manufacturing is still dominated by small & medium sized companies based around specific industries. This, combined with the instability associated with small companies, means that the industry can be seen as fragmented and difficult to understand, particularly for new entrants.

Our main goal is to guide you through the maze of different composite materials technologies available today, to ensure that your composite components reach the marketplace as rapidly and cost effectively as possible.


We provide an expert service giving advice from the design stage all the way to the supply of composite components.

Initially we can support the selection and sourcing of the most suitable composite materials and manufacturing methodology. This can be followed by the production of manufacturing drawings, specifications, lay up manuals and manufacturing documentation.

Working for you as interim project manager you can use our expertise during a critical phase of a program to solve a specific problem, such as waiting for a facility to come on line or completing a recruitment process, our objective is always to ensure your composites project remains on course.

If you need to find suitable composites suppliers we also provide a brokerage service where your needs are first assessed and suitable suppliers identified to work on your program. From there you can then decide if you want our continued involvement in the project or simply deal with them directly.


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