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Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd.

A full-service design, prototyping and manufacturing company developing advanced, yet cost-effective, composite materials. Design, mold fabrication, prototyping, production and project management services. Polyurethane based composites.

Main Office:
Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd.
254 Beech Street
Rockland, MA 02370-0183

Carl Forsythe
Phone: 781-871-3700 x203 Fax: 781-871-6631
Web site: www.globecomposite.com Email: cforsythe@globecomposite.com
10440 N. Central Expressway
Suite 1475
Dallas, TX 75231
Tel: 214-373-GLOBE (4562)
Fax: 214-891-3366
Listed under these categories:
Development - Design & Development - Consultants and Designers
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Composites Experience: 21+ years
Industry Experience: Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Marine, Recreational, Industrial, Other

Brief Summary:
Globe Composite Solutions designs and manufactures non-metallic high-performance components for industrial and military applications using cost-effective, composite materials that outperform traditional metallic parts. We are a fully integrated company that designs, formulates and produces parts in any size or quantity.

Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd. (GCS) is a full-service design, prototyping and manufacturing company that combines expertise in developing advanced, yet cost-effective, composite materials with a passion to meet demanding product performance requirements for industrial and military applications.

GCS's credentials are unique among non-metallics processors since it offers a full range of design, mold fabrication, prototyping, production and project management services. The company relentlessly pursues radical product performance improvement through the use of superior design capabilities, formulating application-driven composite materials and applying proprietary molding and manufacturing processes.

GCS’s broad experience with non-metallic compounds allows it to quickly match materials to the specific use, while its extensive tooling base means the production method can be matched to the requested quantity, for greatest economy and competitive advantage. Additionally, the company's skill in compounding and fabrication is backed by in-depth mechanical engineering services for the most demanding applications or technically-minded customer.

GCS's “sweet-spot” surrounds polyurethane base composites, which can be formulated on a basis of either thermoset or thermoplastic elastomer. In order to fulfill many of our customers’ demanding requirements, GCS has developed its expertise in the area of custom formulation and alloying of these polycomposites to the point where they can display characteristics not usually associated with polyurethanes. For instance, some high-hardness, reinforced formulations are sufficiently structural that they are capable of replacing aluminum, titanium, and other metal alloys, yet they retain their elastomeric nature, for impact and shock resistance, noise and vibration damping, and shape "memory" for recovery after severe deformation.

These properties enable GCS polycomposites to replace standard plastics in many rugged applications. Other formulations are made with high lubricity, where polyurethane would normally show intrinsically high surface friction, but still retain their natural abrasion resistance, making them suitable for bearings that will perform without maintenance and last long in hostile environments. All formulations are molded to near net shape, for significant savings in material relative to machining components from stock shapes. Our ability and experience take standard composites to a new level in strength, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, and durability.

With its roots dating back to 1890, GCS has been able to develop a broad client list of Fortune 1000 companies:

General Dynamics/Electric Boat Division
Northrop Grumman/Newport News Shipbuilding
United States Postal Service
Sandia National Laboratories
GE Medical/GE Healthcare
Bowe /Bell & Howell
Invensys /Foxboro
FKI Logistex
National Oil

Other Comments:
GCS holds a US government facility clearance rating and is able to work on classified projects.


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