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PlastiComp, LLC

PlastiComp provides a full portfolio of thermoplastic composite technologies. Pushtrusion™ direct in-line compounding technology and equipment, Complēt® long fiber reinforced thermoplastic pellets

Main Office:
PlastiComp, LLC
110 Galewski Drive
Winona, MN 55987

Rhonda Puetz
Phone: 888-454-4334 or 507-454-4334 Fax: 507-452-5642
Web site: www.plasticomp.com Email: rhonda@plasticomp.com
PlastiComp Europe, GmbH
Dr.ir. Stan Verbraak
P.O. Box 138
4650 AC Steenbergen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 611.252522
Fax: +31 84.754.2449
Our long fiber compounding facility is at:
PlastiComp LLC, Compounding Facility
25 McConnon Drive, Winona, MN 55987
Listed under these categories:
Methods - Injection Molding - Materials
Methods - Compression Molding - Materials
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PlastiComp LLC is unique in providing both long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) technology and direct long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (D-LFRT) technology to global customers. Complēt® composite pellets provide a single pellet solution for customers with stringent requirements and rapid speed to market demands. In contrast, Pushtrusion™ direct in-line compounding offers a complementary approach by providing substantial savings compared to precompounded thermoplastic composite pellets. PlastiComp also offers advanced contract molding along with research and development including formula development, material and part testing, and evaluation.

High Temperature Thermoplastics Achieve Higher Performance with LFT Process from PlastiComp
PlastiComp boosts properties of high-temperature polymers such as PPS, PES, PEI and PEEK, with proprietary long fiber technology

October 6, 2008 – PlastiComp LLC announced the successful application of its long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) technology to high temperature polymers such as PPS, PES, PEI, and PEEK reinforced with carbon fibers. These new composite materials have potential for further penetration into traditional metal applications requiring very high modulus.
“Our proprietary technologies for the hot melt impregnation of the reinforcing fibers with high temperature polymers, and subsequent consolidation into molded parts yield tensile modulus values of 4-6 Msi,” explains Raj Mathur (PhD), PlastiComp Business Manager for Advanced Materials and Processes. “Through tailored fiber weight-fractions (40-50%) and long fiber-length retention in the molded parts we have attained a balance of properties for mechanical performance at elevated temperatures.”
According to laboratory testing, high-temperature polymers achieve higher performance with the PlastiComp LFT process.
“After several years in composite applications at prior technology firms, I am excited about the capabilities of the PlastiComp process to bridge the gap between composites and metals. It is well suited to a wide range of fiber-resin combinations. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing production methods such as injection and extrusion-compression molding and filament winding.”
PlastiComp’s new high-performance materials are targeted for metal replacement in military, industrial, and aerospace applications. In addition to light-weighting, the materials can also be customized for EMI shielding and thermal properties.


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